Homemade Grapefruit Goat’s Milk Soap

Homemade Grapefruit Goat's Milk Soap

Every year I try to make something special to give family and friends around the holidays. Usually it is something edible, but since so many of my friends have varied food restrictions or are trying to cut back on calories, I wanted to keep Christmas homemade but also useful. I know, soap probably doesn’t come […]

Holiday Entertaining and Decor

Holiday Entertaining and Decor

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived! The lists, the food, the shopping, the decorating, the meal planning, the family, the fun and the events.  I’m amazed that at the end of the season, I’m still ready to take on what the new year brings. I’m full of lists:  grocery lists, shopping lists, […]

Thankful Placemats

Thankful Placemat

Check it Out! Thanksgiving is just about upon us and I am just about done getting my dining room all ready for the big dinner we will have. The only thing I needed was placemats for the table. I didn’t have a supply anymore, especially not holiday related ones so I decided that I’d create […]

Simple To Make “Squash Acorns”

Squash Acorns

I saw something like this in a magazine awhile back, and thought it would be fun to try.  It’s very easy to do and is a great way to decorate your table for the Fall season.  Would be perfect to use on the Thanksgiving table for decor, as well.  Living up in the mountains of Arizona, […]

Feeling Crafty Roundup

Feeling Crafty Roundup October

October was the start of beautiful fall, and the now that fall is in full swing and October is gone, just like that! It’s November and we’re filling up on gratitude and thanks and I can’t begin to tell you how thankful and grateful I am to be a part of such an amazing, creative, […]

Easy No-Sew Fall Napkin Rings

Here the wind has started to pick up and the leaves are changing. It finally feels like Fall and I am ready to start decorating and preparing for the next big holiday, Thanksgiving. For the past few years we have celebrated at home and I have had the kids help me with some decorations. This […]

Fall Candle Jars

Fall Candle Jars

Check it Out! Its fall and I am so excited to be able to turn off my air conditioner! I love cool fall breezes, watching the leaves change colors and fall from the trees. With all of the beautiful scenery that the fall season brings, I wanted to bring a little of the season into […]

Harvest Candle Holders

Harvest Candle Holder 6

  Here’s my craft for this week. I hope it’s something that you can use and change up the ideas to make it your own. My favorite time of the year is Fall. The colors are amazing in the mountains where I live, the temperature is just right and there’s just that “smell” in the […]

Feeling Crafty September Roundup

Feeling Crafty September Roundup

School has officially started! Its been so busy, my family recently moved, my kids are active in sports and other activities. All the while, they’re trying to get into a new rhythm at new schools and making new friends. The house is finally getting in order, but, my “office” is like the LAST room to […]

Tea Towel Embroidery

Veggie Tea Towel Embroidery (3)

There is so much going on with Back-to-School, I really wanted a craft to work on in the evenings. I finally decided to pull out some embroidery. If you haven’t tried your hand at embroidery, I highly recommend it! It doesn’t take many supplies to get started but adds a lovely personalized touch to anything from […]