How to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Are you wondering how to get your home ready for the holidays? There are two kinds of people: those who are so excited they cannot sit still because the holidays are right in front of us, and those who are panicking at the thought. But no matter which camp you are in, they are coming, […]

5 Tips for Organizing a Small Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. And for many homeowners and renters, it is also a major pain. The smaller the kitchen, the truer this is. 5 Tips for Organizing a Small Kitchen It doesn’t help matters that cooking seems to be getting more and more complicated as time goes by. While grandma […]

5 Tips for Preparing for the Fall Season

Have you started preparing for the fall? September 22nd is the official start of the fall season, and most of us cannot wait. Summer was wonderful, but it was also sweltering, and who doesn’t love the changing leaves that fall brings? But while there is a lot to look forward to, there are also things […]

5 Awesome Emoji Crafts to Make this Weekend

Looking for Emoji crafts? Whether or not you are a fan of The Emoji Movie, these little symbols are no doubt a part of your life—and chances are your kids are somewhat obsessed with them. Since limiting screen time is best, it is a good idea to move that obsession from the screen and into […]

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As we transition from a busy active summer to back to school, it’s time to start thinking about school supplies.  If you’re like me, you can still remember how exciting it was to get a new pencil box full of pencils, crayons, and markers. These are the tools we can give our children to let […]

6 Upcycled Crafts Your Child Will Enjoy

Does your child love craft time? So do we. But we also know that purchasing craft supplies can get pretty pricey over time. Luckily there are lots of upcycled crafts you can do that use items you already have around the house and would otherwise toss into the trash can. Below are 6 picks for […]

7 Ways to Display Your Summer Seashells

How do you display your summer seashells? If you make regular trips to the beach, chances are you have quite the seashell collection. But most people don’t know what to do with their collection, often just keeping it in a shoe box in the hall closet. While displaying them sounds nice, it can be difficult […]

6 Ways to Dress Up Your Planner

When your stationary looks good, you are more motivated to use it and get things done. This is something we have all known to be true since we were in elementary school and more dedicated to organizing our work when we could put it in Lisa Frank folders. So if you are struggling with keeping […]

Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Office

Do you feel less than enthusiastic about stepping into your office each day and getting to work? There can be many reasons for this, from seasonal mood disorders to being in the wrong line of work. But in many cases, this lack of excitement can be due to the environment. Ways to Spruce Up Your […]

5 Fun Spring Flower Crafts for Your Preschooler

Spring is here, and if school isn’t out yet, it will be soon enough. As such, you probably need some fun activities to keep the little ones busy. So, why not embrace the season with some fun flower crafts that your child will love? Below are 5 fun spring flower crafts for your preschool that […]