Last Minute Prep for the Holidays

Are you done with your last minute prep for the holidays? Tomorrow is the big day, but if you aren’t quite ready, you’re not alone. Whether you have just been putting things off, or you just found yourself hosting Thanksgiving with 24-hours’ notice, it is not unusual to need some last minute holiday prep ideas. […]

How To Make Cross-Stitch Napkin Rings – #TBCCrafters

Since we are getting into spring time and planning on having friends over for dinner parties and things like that, I figured having some special things for the table would be fun. I’ve been cross-stitching since I was about 8, so these were pretty easy for me. My Aunt taught me years ago how to do […]

March Crafty Roundup

March has gone, but oh April Spring, how I so deeply love you. This past weekend, we celebrated Easter with our immediate family and it was quiet, peaceful and absolutely fulfilling. Who would have thought that a day that started out with a deep cleaning of the kitchen floor, badminton in between scrubbing sessions, cooking, […]

February Crafty Roundup

Winter is still lingering and holding on for dear life in my neck of the woods. But, with winter weather keeping me locked up warm in the house, I’ve gotten more time to craft. Crafting is a stress reliever for me. All of my happy endorphins are released and I feel great. So even though […]

Crafts with Corks: How To Make A Wine Cork Hotpad

I always see great things that people make out of old cork.  In my kitchen, which is themed on the Napa Valley/Sonoma County area of California (which I dream of living in one day), I have little metal pieces filled with corks, a cork board made of corks for displaying pictures, etc.  An old cork […]

Lucky Shamrock Pins

As a child I remember the fear of being pinched on St. Patrick’s Day. I was always careful to wear plenty of green. Rampant pinching on the playground got so bad that teachers started handing out stickers so our day could be “pinch free”.  Recently I asked my own children if the custom was still […]

Memorial Block

Check it Out! I have the most magical photo of my husband Delmar that I took while we were at the beach for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Since his passing it has become one of my most treasured photos.  I also have 2 containers full of sand and other treasures that we collected from the […]

Homemade Grapefruit Goat’s Milk Soap

Every year I try to make something special to give family and friends around the holidays. Usually it is something edible, but since so many of my friends have varied food restrictions or are trying to cut back on calories, I wanted to keep Christmas homemade but also useful. I know, soap probably doesn’t come […]

Holiday Entertaining and Decor

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived! The lists, the food, the shopping, the decorating, the meal planning, the family, the fun and the events.  I’m amazed that at the end of the season, I’m still ready to take on what the new year brings. I’m full of lists:  grocery lists, shopping lists, […]

Thankful Placemats

Check it Out! Thanksgiving is just about upon us and I am just about done getting my dining room all ready for the big dinner we will have. The only thing I needed was placemats for the table. I didn’t have a supply anymore, especially not holiday related ones so I decided that I’d create […]