Free Valentine’s Day Printable #TBCCrafters

Here is a quick and cute FREE printable for Valentine’s Day. All you do it print it out, glue it to a ceramic tile or cut a backing out of foamboard. It makes a great display with some roses and a candle. You could also use it as a cute card or a or a […]

Things are ‘Ducky’ with #TBCCrafters!

One of my colleagues at the public library where I work had a program for the tweens and teens: Ductivities. My co-worker bought a variety of duct tape to be used by the attendees and we were guided by books and technology to create different things. One of the attendees is a budding entrepreneur and he taught […]

Turn Your Garage Into A Workshop Part 3

Recapping our progress up to this point, we have painted the walls, installed some re-purposed cabinets and covered the floor with epoxy.  Now we need to add some workspace.  I had a lot of options to choose from at this point.  I could buy pre-constructed workbenches from one of the home improvement stores.  I could […]

TBC Crafter’s Hop – Red Envelopes Decor

Chinese New Year in 2013 falls on February 10th and usually Chinese would start cleaning up the house and putting up new decoration about 2-3 weeks before. Other than the famous Chinese lion dancing, fireworks and all kinds of delicious food, the red envelope is welcomed by almost everyone. Red envelope is called “Lai See” […]

Turn Your Garage Into A Workshop Part 2

Picking up where we left off last week, Turn Your Garage Into A Workshop – Walls, Heat, and Cabinets, I have painted the walls and ceiling and installed a few cabinets. The floor has a few stains on it and is bare concrete. Now it is time to decide what to do with the floor […]

DIY Raggedy Ann & Andy Paper Dolls

“With imagination ANYTHING is possible,” Raggedy Ann Raggedy Ann & Andy LARGE Paper Dolls I did these last year on my blog and thought it was a good time to share. This is a great winter cold day craft project to share with your children. Sometimes I feel like a Raggedy Ann in a Barbie […]

Turn Your Garage Into A Workshop Part 1- Walls, Heat, and Cabinets

I decided to renovate my garage and change your “run of the mill” two car garage into a workshop/man-cave that any do it yourselfer on a budget could be proud of. This is the story of how I did it! First a quick idea of what I had to work with. The house is a […]

Cute DIY Gift Bag – Perfect for Valentines Day!! #TBCCrafters

This super cute gift bag can be made in less than 15 minutes and is inexpensive.  It is perfect for giving a Valentines Day treat or a special birthday gift.  I love that I can personalize each bag to the person to whom I am giving a gift. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Scissors Hole Puncher […]

Heart Iris Folding Project for Valentines Day TBC Crafter’s Hop Week 9 #TBCcrafters

Iris folding is a paper folding technique that originated in Holland or the Netherlands.  Color coordinated strips of folded paper are placed in layers over a pattern creating a spiral design that resembles the iris of an eye or a camera.  This Valentines Day Heart Iris Folding project uses shades of pink, cream, and lavender […]

Snowflake Ornaments TBC Crafter’s Hop Week 8 #TBCcrafters

Today is my son’s 12th birthday, so I had him help me make some snowflakes I saw on the Martha Stewart website for decorating around the house.  Fun time and easy to do!! Snowflake Ornaments What you need: Wire Cutters or Old Scissors White Pipe Cleaner Needlenose Pliers 1.  Using a wire cutter or old scissors, […]