How to Take a Good Profile Photo for Your Blog

In the age of social media, profile photos are everything. And this means you need a good profile photo for your blog. But many bloggers struggle with this. How to Take a Good Profile Photo for Your Blog In general, we see one of two issues. The first is bloggers going too traditional. They opt […]

What to Put on Your Blog’s About Me Page

For many bloggers, it is easy to look over the About Me page. We figure it won’t get much traffic, and unlike other pages, certainly won’t get repeat visitors. But approaching it without care is a mistake. As it ends up, the About Me page is often one of the most visited pages on any […]

3 Cloud Services to Make Blogging Easier

Next time you go to shop for a new computer, chances are the memory it offers won’t be as important to you as it used to be. And that is thanks to our growing dependence on cloud services. Now, files that we once stored on our hard drives are in the cloud, and we can […]

Backing Up Your Blog Made Simple

What would you do if your blog disappeared tomorrow? Cry? Despair? Break things? Unfortunately, this is a very real possibility, which means that perhaps the most important thing you can do as a blogger is to learn how to back up your blog. Many bloggers, even those who are highly experienced, have no idea that […]

How to Narrow Down Your Blog Focus

It is advice we first heard in school from our teachers: narrow your focus, but not too narrow. Go too broad and you can never cover anything with meaningful depth. Go too narrow, and you will never find enough material to get the job done. How to Narrow Down Your Blog Focus This also applies […]

3 Social Share Plugins to Help Engagement

How can you get the word out about your blog? While there are many ways you can promote it yourself, the best way is to get your readers to do it for you. But the fact is they will not do this unless you make it easy for them to do. 3 Social Share Plugins […]

3 Ways to Monetize Fashion Posts

If you have started a fashion blog or are looking to do so soon, it is no doubt because you have a passion for fashion. However, it is unlikely that you want to do this just for the fun of it. Instead, you want to make a little money while having fun. 3 Ways to […]

Tips for Writing a Good Recipe Post

Are you a food blogger or hoping to become one? Then one of the most important things for you to commit to memory is how to write a quality recipe post. And while we have all used recipes before, cookbooks and blog posts are two very different beasts. To help you do your best, check […]

7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Blog

Have you already completed your spring cleaning around your home? Then it is time to turn some attention to your blog. Here are 7 ways to spruce up your blog. While you do not need to completely revamp your blog, you do need to change things up a little. To help you get inspired, check […]

Common Contact Page Mistakes

Do you make these common contact page mistakes? Think of your website as a brick and mortar business. If you wanted to hire a bakery to make a cake for your upcoming event, how would you contact them? Usually through a phone call or you would stop in and speak directly to someone. You don’t […]