The Power Of A Handshake

How someone shakes my hand, tells me a lot about that person. Are they friendly or standoffish, dependent or independent, focused or scattered? In my more than three decades as a public relations and communications consultant, I have shaken more than my fair share of hands.  Thanks to my eclectic client roster, the hands I […]

Top Performance Coaching Tips For Your Blog’s Video

      Today I am sharing a bit of my professional wisdom with bloggers out there who are making, thinking about making or aspiring to make better videos for their blogs. This information is geared to bloggers wanting to do more personality driven videos, not straight technique demos.  Today I will focus on performance. […]

Five Tips For Creating a Blogger Bio That “Gets” You

  By Sheila Jamison  A pithy little bio can help establish a Blogger’s point of view, credibility and personality.  So many bloggers are used to observing and reporting on external subjects that they may find writing about themselves awkward. In actuality, it’s central to establishing and/or introducing yourself to an audience. As you seek to […]

Five YouTube Tips from #VlogMoms

Whether you’re new to video or have been vlogging a few or several years, it’s always helpful to review tips and suggestions for using Google’s most famous, and the world’s most-searched, platform. Here are Five YouTube tips for bloggers from #VlogMom’s Julie Meyers Pron. YouTube always gets the juice, so take advantage of your YouTube […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Photo

If you’re a blogger, then you know that sometimes pictures can make or break your posts. Great pictures not only enhance an article, but they can make that first impression that will keep a would-be reader reading til the end. Feeling pressure to take better photos? The good news is that you don’t have to […]

Immediate Release- Media Experts Connecting Bloggers and Brands

For Immediate Release   MEDIA EXPERTS “HOOK UP” TO LAUNCH THE BLOGGER CONNECTION  Online Marketing Leaders Combine Diverse Multimedia Experience to Form Social Media Agency That Connects Bloggers and Brands   New York, NY,  April 30, 2012 — Offering a spectrum of opportunities for bloggers and brands to work together in social media, online marketing […]

Key Tips on Networking Offline

Many people are great at networking online but have difficulty when it comes to face to face networking. It can be intimidating meeting new people, especially if you don’t know anyone. Following these simple key tips on networking offline will make you a professional in no time at all.   Introduction- Don’t be shy, walk […]

Business Cards- Tips on How To Create

When networking, business cards are very important. This is a way for you to connect with the person you had a conversation with. You should always have a supply of business cards with you to hand out.   Must have items on business cards. Your name Your business/blog name Email address– Your business/blog url Title- […]