Tips for Writing the Perfect About Me Page for Your Blog

Does anyone actually visit about me pages? Believe it or not, yes, many people do. When it comes to your search engine ranking, your credibility with readers, and how sponsors see you, your about me page is critical. In fact, it is likely the most visited page on your site besides your home page. Because […]

When Do I Need a Virtual Assistant?

By now, you know that most successful bloggers outsource at least some of their work. But because you are so close to your own work, it can be hard to realize when you have made it big enough that you need a little help. So how can you know when the time is right? By […]

5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Pitch Letter

So, you have a great idea and you need to get the person in charge to see that it is as amazing as you know it to be. This requires that you make a pitch letter. This could be to a fellow blogger for a guest post, a publication for an article, or even a […]

3 Tips for Creating Content that People Want to Read

Filling your blog with words is easy; filling it with content readers care about is a challenge. And doing so day after day, week after week, for years on end can feel pretty daunting. Whether you are worried about getting started, stuck in a rut, or just wanting to prepare for the future, we have […]

Why You Should Focus on Your Contact Page

As you design your blog, you have to focus on so many things. You want a user-friendly design, fun graphics, quality content, and a strong about me page. But what about your contact page? Most bloggers pay little attention to this page, ensuring that they can be contacted but not doing much else. Why You […]

5 Tips for Organizing Your Time to Make Blogging Easy

Are you interested in organizing your time? Blogging is one of those things that seems easy from the outside, but when you are blogging to make a living, it becomes incredibly difficult. Writing blog posts can be challenging on its own, but it is just a small portion of what it takes to run a […]

Tips for Enhancing Your Search Engine Optimization

Looking for tips for enhancing your search engine optimization? How do most people find a website or blog? By Googling some keywords and then clicking on the top result. While some are willing to go beyond the top result, very few will bother with looking beyond the first page. Because of this, if you want […]

Your Content Has Been Stolen — What to Do

Anyone who produces content online is likely to find themselves in a situation where their content has been stolen. This might be a copy and paste of their words, a photo being used to sell a product that is not theirs, or even a fraudulent website designed to look like your own. When this happens, […]

Why You Should Watermark Your Photos and How to Do It

Wondering why you should watermark your photos? The obvious answer is to protect your intellectual property. But the truth is that if you know how to use Google, you can quickly learn how to remove a watermark from just about any image. So knowing that you might be wondering why you would bother with watermarking […]

6 Tips for Creating Original Content on Your Blog

Wondering what to blog about today? When you first get started with blogging, coming up with original content is fairly simple. You have all these ideas swirling in your head and the whole reason you created a blog was to get them out. But as time goes on, it can get harder and harder to […]