Tips for Crafting a Call to Action

Are you wondering how to create a call to action? The call to action: it has long been the subject of study and debate in the marketing world. It can be simple—buy now—or incredibly complex—driving you to take a specific political action, for example. The goal of the call to action is to convince the […]

Should You Consider Hosting Guest Posts?

Hosting guest posts on your blog can bring big benefits to you. For one, they allow you to publish new content without having to write any. For another, they allow the guest poster to bring new readers your way. But guest posts can go wrong. Should You Consider Hosting Guest Posts? How can you stop […]

Getting Started with Travel Blogging

If you love to travel but worry about working while abroad or being to afford the habit, travel blogging can be an ideal solution. With this route, travel becomes not just your habit, but your job, and the money you make from it can fund your trips in the future. However, it isn’t something to […]

Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Are you making these common blogging mistakes? Ready to get started with blogging? Or maybe you have been blogging for a while but want to get better. No matter the case, a successful go of it means avoiding simple mistakes. In general, blogging is pretty easy, but like any other business, there are pitfalls. Below […]

How to Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking

Many people have a fear of public speaking. For some, this is just a slight case of nerves, while for others, this fear can be debilitating. And while most of us are not in a position where we have to give speeches and presentations every day, chances are we will need to speak in public […]

How Can You Use Facebook Live?

Facebook Live has been in existence for less than two years, but during that time, it has made big waves. While at first it was little more than teens goofing off, news sources and businesses quickly saw its potential. Now, it is a key social media tool for everything from big brands to the mom […]

How to Set Realistic Goals for Blogging

Do you wonder how to set realistic goals for blogging? Setting goals, no matter what those goals are, is a delicate balancing act. You want your goals to be lofty enough that they feel like a genuine achievement. At the same time, you want them to be realistic enough that you can actually achieve them. […]

How to Screen a Virtual Assistant

Do you wonder how to screen a virtual assistant? For most bloggers, doing it all isn’t possible. At the start of their blogging adventure, they have multiple jobs to juggle, and then once things pick up, there is just too much even if blogging is the only source of income. The solution in this case […]

Creating Email Subject Lines that Get Clicks

Everyone judges books by their covers. They also judge emails by their subject lines. Anything too long, too cliché, too salesy, or too similar to SPAM will be achieved or deleted without a click. And that is bad news for you. Creating Email Subject Lines that Get Clicks Unless, of course, you work hard to […]

Pinterest Strategies for Increasing Traffic

Pinterest is THE place for finding great ideas. Whether you are looking for business tips or makeup tips, or just about anything else, Pinterest is the first place we turn to, even before Google. And this means that any plan for driving traffic to your site should include Pinterest. Pinterest Strategies for Increasing Traffic Pinterest […]