Cold is Coming, Get Your Car Ready Now!

As day follows night, you can be sure that cold weather will soon be here. Cold puts a strain on multiple vehicle systems that can lead to their failure and you being stranded during weather that can be not only inconvenient, but downright dangerous. Here’s a look at those systems and what you can do to […]

Family Date Night Out Twitter Party RSVP #KidsLiveWell

The holidays  are approaching and you have less time and much more to do. To get the quality time you need, plan a  family date night out.  The Kids LiveWell program lets you relax knowing  you can easily find healthier choices when eating away from home. Join us on Thursday November 15 at 8pm ET with […]

Kmart #WWEchat Twitter party on November 6th,

Do you love the #WWE? I do! I’m even one of the #WWEmoms, so you know there’s no way I’m missing this party…..well as long as Hurricane #Sandy passes leaving me with my lights on. WWE is great entertainment but also is involved in many do-good campaigns and are great role models for the kids. […]

Preparing For Hurricane #Sandy CT and NYC

Living on the shore means you will at some point, live through a hurricane. Irene slammed the coast of NY and Ct in 2011 and she left us all with a reminder of how powerful any storm can be. Houses along the shore in my city, East Haven, Ct., were swept out to sea, streets […]

Football is A Game of Inches – Week 8 #NFL Scores

Any football fan would have loved to watch the last two minutes of the Giants vs Dallas game. If you were a fan of either team you most likely were sitting on the edge of your seat or in praying position. New York Giants led early in the second quarter 23 – 0 right after […]

WWE Breast Cancer Awareness and WWEmoms Twitter Party Oct. 29th at 9pm

WWE encourages the WWE Universe to help the fight against breast cancer by using #riseabovecancer and showing support by wearing John Cena’s signature Breast Cancer Awareness Month gear. The WWE gives new meaning to “Real Men Wear Pink” as they reach out to the WWE universe and put their men in pink. We all know […]

Hair and Makeup Tips by Ed Gillespie and Lindsay Ambrosio

We all want beautiful hair. Ed’s Heat, Flatirons, and Blow-Dryer Tips: To get a great style from your flatiron, run the flatiron smoothly and lightly on hair.  Remember to take your time. If you use a round brush to dry your hair, run your hair slowly and smoothly through the brush while using medium heat.  Before use […]

Spice Up Your Sex Life Tips- Win a “Her Pleasure Kit” #WinWednesday

Sex! One word can cause so many emotions with people. There are those who will immediately be embarrassed and no way no how will they talk about it.  Then there are those who have no problem talking about sex in front of anyone. Lets talk about facts. If you’re married, we know you’re having sex […]

SCUBA Diving For Students With Special Needs And Disabilities

  I’ve been teaching and training divers from all over the world and the scuba instruction I enjoy teaching the most is a course for special needs, people with disabilities and the scuba instructor course. Both offer many challenges both physical and emotional. When one thinks about scuba diving, you think about all of the wonderful […]

Dead Sea Salt Benefits For Your Skin #WinWednesday

Our skin takes a beating all year long. We’re always looking for new products to soften, nourish, and replenish our skin. Sure, there are great products on the market but sometimes simple is better. Dead Sea salt is 100% natural and has been used to treat Arthritis, Eczema, Muscular Pain, Rheumatism, Psoriasis, and also to […]