Understanding Anxiety – Which Disorder is it Anyway?

It starts with a feeling of restlessness. I can’t sit still in one place too long. I try to listen to music. Read. Surf the Internet. Nothing catches my interest. The restlessness grows. Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? I try satiating both. Nothing helps. Now, I’m getting nervous, my heart beats faster. My eyes […]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Active Family Project #FamilyPlay

  As a mom of two girls, I’ve always been a firm believer of maintaining an active connection with your children. Most importantly I needed to be just as involved with their teenage activities, as I was when they were toddlers. The Active Family Project takes this same perspective and helps to directly connect families […]

Football (Soccer) In Denmark

Soccer a huge worldly sport {BKA football everywhere except here in the states} also has it’s star players and they also have hobbies when they’re not playing. Football is Denmark’s national sport. With over 300,000 players and 1,500 clubs registered in the country, it just goes without saying that the sport is loved by everyone. […]

Decorating Do’s – T Is For Texture And Dressing Up Your Space

  Winter took a little time to ramp up and now that the snowy weather is here folks are probably going a little stir crazy indoors.  But spending time indoors is a great way for you to see all the things you might want to change about your living space when the weather warms up. […]

Color FX – Must Have Make Up

In October, I attended an event for Cover FX make-up. I wouldn’t have missed this since I’m a product junkie and love make up. There are certain things that I’m a stickler for and foundation is one of them. I like to have coverage without a “caked on” look.   I like a more natural […]

How To Join A Twitter Party Using Tweetgrid

Learning how to join a Twitter party using Tweetgrid is the easiest way to enjoy a Twitter party.  If you enjoy winning prizes, chatting with friends, learning interesting information about brands and just having a good time, you need to attend more Twitter parties. Twitter parties are fun to join but can be overwhelming if […]

A Good Movie For A Snow Storm And Any Time Of The Year

  During a big snow storm is the best time to cook delicious food, prepare your taxes, write blog posts and watch a few good movies.  But a good movie is good any day or time of the year. When it comes to movies, I have my cable favorites including, Gladiator, GoodFellas, 50 First Dates […]

Montblanc at the SIHH 2013

On Monday, January 21st 2013, at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva, the Montblanc Star Quantieme Complet was unveiled to the public and the international press. This watch is sure to impress and worn by the man who deserves the best. Add this with an Italian suit and you’re ready to […]

Rustic Crust / American Flatbread #BigGameParty Twitter Party Mon. Jan 28th

  Join Us on Monday January 28th at 9pm ET for our               #BigGameParty on Twitter     Rustic Crust  We hand-toss tradition with whole grain health to make the world’s best organic and all natural pizza crust and sauce. Their Gluten Free pizza crust is cooked perfectly with crispy edges and a moist center […]

NFL Playoffs: It’s Not Over ’til It’s Over

This weekend the NFL playoffs might have been one of the most exciting in quite some time. Saturday the 49ers were able to overcome the Packers for a spot in the division finals next week, and on Sunday it was no surprise when Brady brought the Patriots to a comfortable victory over the Texans for […]