6 Things Teachers Want Parents to Know

Parent-teacher relationships can be difficult. When the kids are young, you are dealing with the fact that you are suddenly trusting their care to a complete stranger. When they are older, you are managing multiple parent-teacher relationships, which can quickly begin to feel like a juggling act. Because of these dynamics and all the variables […]

5 Tips for Back-to-School Shopping

Looking for tips for back-to-school? When the kids head back to school, it can be both a relief and a whole lot of stress. Relief because we all know kids at the end of summer are cagey and need the routine of school. And stress because it is time to purchase all of those school […]

Are Sleepovers Good for Your Kids and You?

Are sleepovers good for your kids and you? Most of us have fond memories of sleepovers we attended as children, whether they were for birthday parties or just staying the night at our best friend’s house. But as a parent, your perspective on sleepovers tends to be different.  Rather than thinking about all the awesome […]

7 Indoor Activities for Kids This Summer

Summer is the time when we send the kids outside and tell them to stay there for a while, get their energy out and breathe some fresh air. But for many parts of the US, there are days in the summer that are simply too hot to send the kids outside for more than a […]

6 Back-to-School Tips Every Parent Should Know Now

Looking for back-to-school tips? Whether you are looking forward to it or dreading it, school is about to be back in session. This means lots of shopping, lots of planning, and at least a little panic.  But the transition doesn’t need to be terrible with the right approach.  To help you and your child get […]

Is Dirt Good for Your Kids?

We all know that modern hygiene and sanitation standards have reduced the presence of many diseases and other health concerns. But now we are starting to see evidence that we have swung a bit too far in one direction and need to come back to center.  Does this mean we should all live in filth?  […]

How to Encourage Your Child to Read More

Are you wondering how to encourage your child to read more? It may be summer, but most schools send kids home for the big break with some homework to do. And the most common assignment? Read! Sometimes this means assigned books, while more commonly it means reading as many books as possible, completing some sort […]

How to Keep Kids Busy During the Summer While You Work

During the school year, working from home can feel like a blessing if you are a parent. When the kids are sick, you don’t need to arrange for childcare, and the same goes for holidays and professional development days. How to Keep Kids Busy During the Summer While You Work But then summer comes, and […]

4 Fun Games to Play at the Beach

Who doesn’t love spending time at the beach? Of course, as with all good things, you can definitely have enough of it. So, what do you do on vacation when the kids get bored with the sand and surf? You play beach games! 4 Fun Games to Play at the Beach There are so many […]

4 Ways to Teach Your Child Empathy

Empathy has become a major cultural topic. Parenting boards discuss it, schools emphasize it on professional development days, and even popular entertainment has made it a focus. But when it comes to teaching empathy to your child, things can be difficult. After all, we tend to think of empathy as something you either have or […]