How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Blog

Wondering how to create a Facebook page? Everyone is on Facebook. Okay, while that might be a slight exaggeration, it isn’t too far off from the truth. With over a billion active users, Facebook has a larger population than nearly every country on Earth. So if your blog is not on Facebook, you are missing […]

How to Effectively Use Hashtags

Do you still think of this (#) as the pound sign? Then chances are you struggle a bit with the use of hashtags on social media. But don’t be embarrassed; many social media natives still struggle with using them correctly, especially when using them for business purposes. How to Effectively Use Hashtags With that said, […]

Join the #SummerCranFan Twitter Party on Tuesday June 27, 2017 at 8PM EST

Join us as we celebrate the summer with delicious cranberry recipes! Cranberries are America’s Original Superfruit® and one of three commercially cultivated fruits we eat today that are native to only North America. Incorporating cranberries in your summer menus adds unique flavor to sweet and savory dishes. Cranberries are easy and convenient to use in any form, […]

Join the #ThatsMyPoint Twitter Party on Thursday, May 4th at 8PM ET

Big hearts, I love You, #1 Mom Remember how good it felt to hand your mom a homemade card that you put so much time and love into? You would impatiently bounce waiting for her to open and read it, knowing there was a gigantic hug to follow. As moms we still look forward to […]

Join the #ThatsMyPoint Twitter Party on Thursday, January 19th at 7PM ET

Writing. Drawing. Painting. They all have one thing in common — they tell stories. Stories that can intrigue, amaze, and inspire. And for the past 52 years, Pentel, whether directly or indirectly, has helped shape these stories through pens, pencils, pastels, and your creativity. Join the #ThatsMyPoint Twitter Party on Thursday, January 19th at 7PM ET National […]

Common Contact Page Mistakes

Do you make these common contact page mistakes? Think of your website as a brick and mortar business. If you wanted to hire a bakery to make a cake for your upcoming event, how would you contact them? Usually through a phone call or you would stop in and speak directly to someone. You don’t […]

Understanding Snapchat

With all the new social sharing sites, it’s not surprising that it can be difficult to keep up with them all. One of the more recent additions is the social sharing app “Snapchat.”  Snapchat is a messaging app that was created in 2011. Snapchat lets you share moments with others for up to 10 seconds. […]

New Ideas for Blog Posts: 5 Inspiring Places to Visit

You surf the internet every day, reading, skimming and bookmarking all the items that you love. Hundreds of emails, images and ideas cross your path each and every day. Sometimes, there’s so much to see, it can actually be stressful or overwhelming. For writers, having content infiltrating your day can present different challenges. While most wonder […]

How to Beef Up Your Security on Facebook

Do you know what information you are sharing with your friends through your Facebook profile? Have you viewed your page as a visitor so you know what the public can view when landing on your profile? We’re going to walk you through the Privacy Checkup which Facebook recently launched on the desktop, and guide you […]

How Facebook Has Changed Birthdays

If you’re over twenty years old you probably remember receiving phone calls from family and friends or cards in the mail on your birthday. If you received ten calls and ten cards you were Wowed. Flash forward to the present. Enter Facebook. You can have anywhere from 300 to thousands of “friends”. Facebook makes it […]