The Best Times to Post to Facebook

Social media plays a huge part in marketing and blogging but not all social media platforms work the same or yield the same results. Facebook has over 750 million active users. If you aren’t using Facebook to promote your blog or brand you are missing a huge opportunity to connect with your current and potential […]

2013 MoonWalk New York City

Rose Powell, One of The Blogger Connection’s bloggers is showing more than her heart on July 20th in NYC. Rose who is the owner of Immutable Ramblings, a blog that has become a work in progress, a means to self-expression and self-preservation. Is a wife, a mother of 4, a student, and like her blog, […]

Revamped Lamp #TBCcrafters

I’m a SAHM, I blog, do crafts, share reviews and really try to get into the thick of things from my home computer, but my job doesn’t pay much if at all. So in my years of being a SAHM, I’ve learned to become resourceful and stretch the mighty dollar. I coupon, I clearance shop […]

Re-purposed Children’s Board Book #TBCcrafters

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I begin to think about and focus on what is really important in my life, in my heart, to me. The answer is always the same, my family is the reason I am. Every and any opportunity I have to share that with everyone, I take it! This […]

Upcycled Candle Holders – #TBCCrafters

TBC CRAFTER’S HOP (#TBCCRAFTERS) I saw this on Pinterest and had it on my “TO MAKE” list.  Thought it would be adorable for a theme party or for using outside in the evenings.  Not sure it would be safe to use regular candles, as I saw in the picture on Pinterest, but hey, to each their […]

DIY Printable for Earth Month #TBCCrafters

April is Earth Month and Earth Day happens this month. Here is a printable for you to use in your crafting for Earth Day. Print it out and glue it to a 6′ X 6″ tile. Just click on the image and drag to desktop..Windows users right-click and follow directions to save to your computer. […]

Easter Eggs That Last Forever- How to Blow Out Easter Eggs #TBCcrafters

When you have children, your collection of artwork and mementos can fill a museum and there’s no way to display all of the beautiful treasures created just for you. I like to use holidays to decorate using my children’s gifts to decorate. We have been blowing out eggs for Easter for 28 years and we […]

Inspirational Deco-Cube #TBCCrafters

I’ve recently become inspired to live life, embrace possibilities and dream a little, through this new level of faith, my projects have taken a life all their own. I’ve decided to take my dreams and pursue a reality, with that, I’ve got to explore the possibilities of what exactly it means. My focus has been […]

Free Valentine’s Day Printable #TBCCrafters

Here is a quick and cute FREE printable for Valentine’s Day. All you do it print it out, glue it to a ceramic tile or cut a backing out of foamboard. It makes a great display with some roses and a candle. You could also use it as a cute card or a or a […]

Let’s Talk About Sex: Sexy Tech Talk for Valentine’s Day

  With Valentine’s Day only three weeks away, we are hoping that you are trying to think of a few clever ways to put a little fun, romance and spice into your relationship, at least for one night.  Last week we featured a guest post on sexual satisfaction and  “Letting Your Pleasures Be Known” from […]