DIY Raggedy Ann & Andy Paper Dolls

“With imagination ANYTHING is possible,” Raggedy Ann Raggedy Ann & Andy LARGE Paper Dolls I did these last year on my blog and thought it was a good time to share. This is a great winter cold day craft project to share with your children. Sometimes I feel like a Raggedy Ann in a Barbie […]

Google Tricks Starts My Year Off With A Smile

We’ve all heard of Google’s tricks and every once in a while I like to just have fun while on the computer so I play with Google. All Work and No Play make Johnny a Dull Boy~The Shining Here are some of Google’s cool fun and cute tricks when doing a search. The Barrel Roll […]

Snowflake Ornaments TBC Crafter’s Hop Week 8 #TBCcrafters

Today is my son’s 12th birthday, so I had him help me make some snowflakes I saw on the Martha Stewart website for decorating around the house.  Fun time and easy to do!! Snowflake Ornaments What you need: Wire Cutters or Old Scissors White Pipe Cleaner Needlenose Pliers 1.  Using a wire cutter or old scissors, […]

Simple Spool Ornaments #TBCcrafters

by Lois Jones This week for the #TBCcrafters Thrilling Thursday craft I am sharing a very simple ornament , and I do mean very simple, that you can make or even make with your kids! It’s a Spool Apple Ornament! It is hanging off our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree so you can see it.       The things […]

Bring On The Toys! The Biggest Day of Holiday Play Made Us Feel Like Kids Again #TBTBholiday

The holiday season was in full swing last Saturday at Manhattan’s Yotel in New York City. Bloggers and their families weathered the cold rainy day and came out to have a little fun at The Big Toy Book’s “The Biggest Day of Holiday Play” event. The party hosted by ToyInsiderMom Laurie Schacht had something for […]

Beautiful Tree Skirt Tutorial #TBCcrafters

This Christmas will mark my eighth holiday in my own home as a wife and mother. I would say that I am mainly responsible for decorating the inside of the house, while my husband takes care of the outside. So why. . . why have I never owned nor used a tree skirt…in eight years? I don’t really […]

How To Make A Butterfly Dreamcatcher

Back in The Stone Age, before I had The Diva, I did a ton of crafts. I miss doing them, but Miss Ro takes priority over my time. And my budget. What? Crafting isn’t cheap, people! Plus, she’s one of those kids that’s into everything, and I do mean everything. Keeping my craft supplies anywhere […]

Spilling Gratitude with My Gratitude Tree #TBCcrafters

I am spilling gratitude this week…it was my theme for Thanksgiving 2011 and continues into 2012 and beyond.  I am so filled with gratitude this year, I had to find a way to craft it. The result is My Gratitude Tree. I created it last year to count my blessings and I loved it so […]

Achieve Better Mobile Photos with These 5 tips!

Photographer Chase Jarvis famously said, ” The best camera you have is the one that’s on you.” For a lot of people, the camera that’s on them is the one on their phone. Jarvis published a book of photos taken from his iPhone and since then camera phone photography has gone from a novel add-on […]

#TailTowns Friends Twitter Party Tues October 9th at 9pm ET

Do you love to play games? Are you on Facebook? Join us for the #tailtowns Twitter party on Tuesday October 9th at 9pm ET. Tail Towns Friends combines fun social Facebook gameplay with the timeless charm and unparalleled beauty of the world of Tail Towns. Tail Towns Friends is one of the first Facebook games […]