Drew Brees Breaks Record of Johnny Unitas – NFL Week 5 Scores #TBCNFL

 The New Orleans Saints have been making the news a lot over the last couple months for the investigation by the NFL for the bounty put on other players. Monday’s news will give the fans and the New Orleans Organization something to be proud of. Their quarterback, Drew Brees broke the record of Hall of […]

Arizona Cardinals Best Start Since 1974 – NFL Week 4 Scores #TBCNFL

It’s week four in the NFL season and the Cardinals are making one of the top stories. In today’s game against the Miami Dolphins, it was an edge of your seat ending for fans of both teams. With 22 seconds left to play in the fourth quarter, Kevin Kolb threw a 15 yard touchdown to […]

NFL Darrius Heyward-Bey Injury and Week 3 scores #TBCNFL

We all scream for our teams to crush the opponents but when there’s a serious injury, we all say a prayer in hopes they’ll be alright. In today’s Pittsburgh Steelers vs Oakland Raiders, wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey was knocked out. In slow motion they showed safety Ryan Mundy hit Darrius in the face mask, snapping […]

Get Fit For The Holiday – The Perfect Bum #Giveaway #WinWednesday

I was never one who needed to exercise to lose weight. I was one of those people who can eat whatever I wanted. I was very active with sports, dancing, and running after two kids. I would start an exercise program and be gung ho for a couple weeks and then fade out ….quick. When […]

NFL Football Traditions, Week 2 NFL Scores, and Michael Strahan

We’re now in week two of the NFL football season. Last week all the fans got their gear together, smack talk on, and ready to root on their team for better or worse. Our family are huge fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, we’re now on our third generation. Yes, we cheer, root, scream, and pray […]