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The holidays  are approaching and you have less time and much more to do. To get the quality time you need, plan a  family date night out.  The Kids LiveWell program lets you relax knowing  you can easily find healthier choices when eating away from home.

Join us on Thursday November 15 at 8pm ET with Kids LiveWell and the many restaurants that have joined the Kids LiveWell Program to contribute to enhancing the health of our nation’s children.

The National Restaurant Association, in collaboration with Healthy Dining’s team of registered dietitians, is working with restaurants nationwide to offer you a selection of Kids LiveWell menu choices.

Win a $25 gift card, Download the #KidsLiveWell app to find a restaurant wherever you are and Join the party to answer the quiz question! (available on iphone and Android)


The Details

When: Thursday November 15th

Time: 8pm ET

Where: Twitter with hashtag #KidsLiveWell

Who: You and your friends


RSVP- Add your Twitter ID in the comments (@BlogRConnection) so we know you’re coming and you’ll be eligible for the door prize!

Sponsor- @KidsLiveWell  Follow and say hello on Twitter before the party

Panelists Be sure to follow the hosts and panelists!

@LisaSamples @Zipporahs @StacieInAtlanta @RobynsWorld @TheRebelChick @BrandyEllen

@BlogRConnection @RachelFerrucci @TVproducerDeb

Like KidsLiveWell on Facebook


Can you say MANGIA!!!!!

We’ll be giving away over $700 in gift cards to your favorite restaurants!!

Don’t forget to leave your Twitter ID in the comments and we’ll see you at the party!

Help spread the word!!

 No purchase required to enter, winners picked randomly at party, 18 yrs of age or over, USA only
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  1. Can;t wait!! @msmary1962

  2. @MONKEYMOM8105

  3. @janeeric03

  4. rsvp @kymnasium looking forward to joining in! Mangia!

  5. @UnKatchable73

  6. Christy Herring says:


  7. RSVPing @RUtheMOMof or @RUtheMOMof5

  8. Mary Hitchings says:

    @raisingdickjane. Can’t wait.

  9. @ReviewsSheROTE great cause!!!

  10. @mommasreviews

  11. lynn Smith says:
  12. Shannon S. says:

    @Byrdy1999 or @Byrdy1999Jail will be there…it has been over a year since we ate out…awesome

  13. ryan lerman says:


  14. Charity S says:


  15. Can’t forget this date…my birthday! Excited about the party!


  16. @mwill1980

  17. rsvp: @kpswagger

  18. Sherry Fowler says:

    RSVP @fowler121600

  19. @markchiaramone

  20. @markchiaramonte

  21. Stephanie Ford-Smith says:

    See you there! @delovely_m0mma RSVPing

  22. Abbe Brown says:

    I’ll be there @abbebrown

  23. RSVP as @blessed_nc_mom

  24. @CraysMom As a mother that travels alot I love Kids Live Well !!

  25. RSVP @kwillsmom

  26. @CraysMom or @CraysMom_jail

  27. Cindy C. @cangoninny says:

    Fun Fun! @cangoninny

  28. @didyouyarnthat

  29. RSVP

  30. Cant wait @annoek6

  31. @angelocombine says:

    rsvp: @angelocombine

  32. @jenjoy13 – can’t wait! I could use a good date night.

  33. elizabeth anderson says:


  34. Should be fun. @jerrysuissa

  35. Marilyne S marirebs says:

    RSVP @marilola33

  36. @a_biro

  37. mom4everandever says:

    will be there

  38. rsvp @go2kauai can’t wait!

  39. rsvp @aogable or @aogable2

  40. RSVP @heatheracts

  41. Whoot love good food! RSVP @sunrae17

  42. Linda B (@4evamamii) says:


  43. Heather Panjon says:

    Will Be There ! @reinaheather OR @reinaheather2

  44. Nichole McKinnon says:

    @nicholemckinnon RSVP

  45. Shannon (@zoya513) says:

    RSVP @Zoya513 or @Zoya513Jail

  46. Christian Alejandro N. says:



  47. Lisa Puckett, @mcgraw14me says:

    RSVP @mcgraw14me or @mcgraw14me_jail Can’t wait!! 🙂

  48. Harriett Daniel says:

    @MrsHarriett will be there!

  49. rsvp @LLLSummer

  50. @Mom2Winnie says:

    I can’t wait! RSVP @Mom2Winnie or @Mom2Winnie_Jail

  51. rsvp @sweetmatcha or @sweetmatchajail – hope to make this fun party!

  52. I’ll be there! Can’t wait


  53. RSVP @cammiLH

  54. i’ll be there @Callie1981

  55. @IncrediPizza will be there! Very excited for the party and to discuss creative Family Date Night ideas with everyone 🙂

  56. RSVP @shopgurl or @shopgurljail

  57. Dameon Schirer says:

    RSVP @damedog13

  58. RSVP @AgitatedMama

  59. @bittripfan

  60. Kasey Joyner says:

    @kasey1720 I’ll be there!

  61. @missmi621 I can’t wait! C u all there! 🙂

  62. RSVP

  63. RSVP @bailsprice

  64. rsvp @keltom2

  65. kancitygirl says:

    @kancitygirl RSVP

  66. @Gucchie23 says:

    rsvp @Gucchie23

  67. @4hatsandfrugal

  68. Laila (@OnlyLaila) says:

    I love the Kids LiveWell Program! I’ll be there @OnlyLaila

  69. Christine W says:

    See you then!

  70. Michelle J. says:


    Talk to you soon!

  71. jeannine s says:


  72. Michelle V. says:

    RSVP @GratefulHoops or @GratefulHoops_2

  73. Mellisa Rock says:

    @mellisarock –

  74. Rene Syler says:

    RSVP @goodenufmother can’t wait!

  75. @reginac1 will be there

  76. I’ll be there!

  77. @todayisfab

  78. Shannon S. says:

    @Byrdy1999 or @Byrdy1999Jail will be there

  79. Stephanie Ford-Smith says:

    @DeLovely_M0MMa or DeLovelyM0MMa2 will be there 🙂

  80. @happymama_ie

  81. RSVP @loriann714

  82. ♥Keziah Gibbons♥ (@Gods_Smile) says:

    RSVP as @Gods_Smile

  83. rachel travis says:

    RSVP @rmtsweeps

  84. RSVP @motheringlove

  85. @curtislu

  86. @TheeJuliette

  87. @jovansjourney

  88. RSVP-@RhondaP3

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  90. @rar1228

  91. Michelle P says:

    @momUNblogger RSVP

  92. michele malone says:


  93. @nevaehkisses3 says:


  94. Marilyne S marirebs says:


  95. @fce431

  96. @NicheMommy rsvp

  97. @Shihtzuation!! Sounds fun! I’m late!! AHH!

  98. Kathleen e says:


  99. am i too late? @a_thirtymommy

  100. @candacki see you there!

  101. RSVP for @nikki2kids

  102. @sueric3454

  103. Mollie Holman says:


  104. Amie Olson says:

    RSVPing for the Twitter Party tonight. Thanks!

  105. @weareofficially says:

    @weareofficially rsvp

  106. @LisaSaysLook2

  107. @axadad – Having fun at the Kids Live Well Twitter Party!

  108. @EduDiva

  109. @alxs182

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