Join the Swiffer #ShedHappens Twitter Party on Monday December 28th at 2PM ET

Pets bring so much joy to our lives. I cannot imagine my life without them. Between their sloppy kisses and snuggles at the end of the day, they definitely make me happy. As much as we all love our furry friends, they bring messes to our lives as well as love. With Swiffer, pet parents can get a thorough clean in minutes, so pet hair mess is never an obstacle to bringing home your child’s first pet.

Scott Foley partners with Swiffer to spread the word that cleaning concerns should never be an obstacle to bringing home your childÕs first pet, Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, in New York. Foley joined Swiffer and Bark & Co. to provide 10,000 Welcome Home Kits, including free Swiffer products, to shelters nationwide this holiday season. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Swiffer/AP Images)

Scott Foley partners with Swiffer to spread the word that cleaning concerns should never be an obstacle to bringing home your childÕs first pet, Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015, in New York. Foley joined Swiffer and Bark & Co. to provide 10,000 Welcome Home Kits, including free Swiffer products, to shelters nationwide this holiday season. (Photo by Diane Bondareff/Invision for Swiffer/AP Images)

Join the #ShedHappens Twitter Party on Monday December 28th at 2PM ET

According to the second annual Swiffer Cleaning Index, while 93% of American parents feel that having a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences a child can have, 75% of those who do not already have a pet agree that concerns over pet-related messes could prevent them from getting one. There are millions of animals in need of homes, so Swiffer has joined with Bark & Co. to help make the barriers to adoption – like the clean-up – less of a challenge. Together, they are providing 10,000 Welcome Home Kits to participating shelters across the country to show how easy it is to get a thorough clean in minutes so more families and children can experience the love of a first pet. Swiffer will also make a $50,000 total donation to distribute to select shelters in support of support critical projects that will help more dogs find their fur-ever homes.

Take a break from all the busyness of the holidays and join the #ShedHappens Twitter Party on Monday, December 28th at 2PM ET. We’ll be talking about our pets, the joy they bring to our lives, and how we clean up after them. PLUS we’ll be giving away over $1000 in prizes!

Here is what you need to do!

RSVP to be eligible for the door prize by commenting on the post with your Twitter handle (Ex. @BrandConnectNYC)!

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Join  &  at our #pets #ShedHappens Party Mon 12/28 @2pmET RSVP $1000 in prizes!  RT 2 WIN

The Twitter Party Details:

When: Monday, December 28th at 2pm ET
Follow: @BrandConnectNYC
Brand: @Swiffer
Where: Twitter – follow hashtag #ShedHappens
Panelists: @StacieInAtlanta @AlyWalansky @MomStart @MelissaSChapman @LisaSamples @BrettBMartin @AwakeningAimee


Twitter Party Prizes*:

We’re giving away over $1000 in prizes for all your pet cleaning needs! *US only, must be 18 years old*

Swiffer Green Boxes, Pet Name Tags, and $600 in Visa Gift Cards IMG_0239


visa gift card

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