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Can Your Teen Work Online?

Can your teen work online? Does your teen ask you for money pretty often? No doubt you answered yes. And while conventional wisdom would state that your child should get a job to pay their own way—at least to a degree—that isn’t always so simple. If you live somewhere that driving is required to work, it can be difficult to ensure your child can … [Read More...]

3 Tips for Creating Content that People Want to Read

How to Cope With Down Time

Do you know how to cope with down time when your blog is down? It happens to all of us eventually: You go to comment or make a post only to discover that your blog is down. This can be a very frustrating experience, especially if you blog on a specific schedule. However, you can—and should—make the most of this downtime. Below are some of our tips … [Read More...]

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How to Explain Working at Home to Your Child

Do you wonder how to explain working at home to your child? Many parents choose to work from home because it gives them more time with their kids. However, the kids often do not understand that their parent actually has to work. Instead, they interrupt conference calls for juice boxes or yell to you about the potty while you Skype with a client. If … [Read More...]

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Ways to Focus When You’re Distracted

What ways to focus do you use when you're feeling distracted? We have all been there, and some of us have been there more than most: You have tasks you need to get done, but as hard as you try, you just can’t dedicate your focus to them. While this is natural, it isn’t good for your bottom line, which means you need to find ways to focus. Below are … [Read More...]

Should You Hire Your Child to Work for You?

Should You Hire Your Child to Work for You?

Should you hire your child to work for you? This is a question that many small business owners have probably asked themselves at least occasionally. If your business has you rather, well, busy, you might be wondering about the possibility of hiring your child to work for you. Children who are old enough to complete small tasks can prove to be quite … [Read More...]