#TailTowns Friends Twitter Party Tues October 9th at 9pm ET

Do you love to play games? Are you on Facebook? Join us for the #tailtowns Twitter party on Tuesday October 9th at 9pm ET.

Tail Towns Friends combines fun social Facebook gameplay with the timeless charm and unparalleled beauty of the world of Tail Towns. Tail Towns Friends is one of the first Facebook games designed for women. It allows you to create and decorate a beautiful, detailed garden and has a fun storyline with elements of mystery and intrigue. . ..
Speaking of fun, we all know how fun it is to win prizes. We are giving away prizes totaling thousands of dollars (including gift cards to your favorite beauty stores and local spas) and have many ways for you to enter!

RSVP to be eligible for the door prize a $500 Gift Certificate by commenting on this post with your Twitter handle (Ex. @BlogRConnection)!

The Party Details:

When: Tuesday Oct 9th at 9pm ET
Who: You and your friends

Hashtag: #TailTowns
Custom TweetGrid: http://bit.ly/R0rEGg
Sponsor: Follow @TailTowns
Hosts: Follow @RachelFerrucci @TeamMomMedia @BlogRConnection @BuzzMommy

Tail Town Figurines, $50 Gift Certificates and a $500 SuperCertificate from GiftCertificates.com

Don’t forget to RSVP below!


Want More Ways To Win?


Virtual Launch Event

1) β€œLike” Tail Towns Friends on Facebook for updates tomorrow during the event.

2) Join the Tail Towns Friends Facebook group to answer TTF trivia and to learn how to win prizes β€” hourly giveaways beginning at 10am/EST. Group Link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/236064033175817

3) Join the Tail Towns Friends Twitter Party from 9-10pm/EST. Grand Prize is $500 from GiftCerticates.com as well as a full set of Tail Towns Friends Figurines. The super-certificate can be redeemed at hundreds of stores!

Prizes will be given out every day in October in our Facebook “Group”



See you Tuesday night! and don’t forget to comment with your Twitter ID to RSVP to win the door prize!!






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  1. @weareofficially says:

    i’ll be there! i bet it’s going to be great and i hope to learn more abt it since i have a little darling. πŸ™‚ i’m following u guys! πŸ™‚

  2. Frances Garner says:

    Is this where you RSVP? Takes me a while to remember how to work twitter…hope I can climb aboard.

  3. Sounds like a FUN party!! I’ll be there! I love Tail Towns friends!! Thanks !!

  4. @merrica30

  5. @Penguinsangel – sounds like so much fun!

  6. mandy_Reeves says:


  7. Stephanie Ford-Smith says:

    I will be there! @slstaffo so excited (:

  8. Danielle T says:


  9. Sure hope to make it…it’s a little earlier out West and may be tough…but I will certainly try!!! I’m @cap2cam – Looking forward!

  10. KraftyMomOf2 says:

    Official RSVP for the TailTownFriends twitter party

    Twitter handle: KraftyMomOf2

    Facebook: Kellye Anfenson Hannema, nic Krafty

  11. @diaperedknights – looking forward to joining you all tomorrow!

  12. @UnKatchable73

  13. @PoisonCyeder

  14. RSVP πŸ™‚ @lorib641

  15. @misaacmom “) RSVP

  16. Sarah Lee Gretty Zamroa says:

    I have been enjoying this game, too cute!


  17. Grace Hodgin says:

    I’ll be there too

  18. Grace Hodgin says:

    @blessed_element will be there.

  19. @mapleleafmommy

  20. SO excited about this fun party!! RSVP @cammiLH

  21. @kasexton

  22. @Jazzy6178 see you tomorrow.

  23. Jenni Shelton says:

    Will be there!!!

    Super excited!! πŸ™‚

  24. Love this game! Huge fan! @scentednights

  25. Meredith Nichols says:


  26. RSVP @pumpkin_pie76

  27. I’ll be there @webkinzfan33

  28. Shannon S. says:

    @Byrdy1999 or @Byrdy1999Jail will be there….

  29. @kawee3 is so excited to Tail Towns Friends party!

  30. diane conover (@djc319) says:

    I’ll be there RSVP @djc319 Thanks

  31. I’ll be there with bells on.


    xoxo Shelly

  32. Marilyne S says:

    RSVP @marilola33

  33. Well you know I will be there! @shibleysmiles

  34. RSVP @a_biro

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  35. Roz Schroeder says:

    RSVP for the Tail Towns Friends Twitter Party @Merrily77Sunset
    Facebook: Roz Schroeder

    Thank You for hosing this awesome party!!

  36. Roz Schroeder says:

    Oh gosh … Hosting not hosing.

  37. I’ll be there! @ConnieFoggles

  38. @nikki2kids ! sounds fun

  39. I’ll be there of course! πŸ˜›

  40. Oops, forgot my Twitter handle: @MyBellaMia

  41. Wanda McHenry says:

    RSVP @myfolly

  42. I’ll be there! @piggybanksavers

  43. Teresa L Shively says:

    Def will be there πŸ™‚ @ldygwen

  44. I’m in!

    See you tonight….. @won2x on twitter.

  45. I’ll be there! Big fun! @trinitasyoga

  46. Dluxe Dana says:


  47. @jovansjourney

  48. RSVP @kpswagger

  49. RSVP


  50. K. Ann L. says:


  51. @mommye

  52. Count me in! @RandomCoolChick

  53. @mrsayubi

  54. @lmfrankl

  55. RSVPing with my twitter handle…


    If this isn’t the right spot, please let me know!

  56. @shopgurl

  57. @CNoblette

  58. Rene Phipps says:

    RSVP @expresso2006 This will be the first time I have joined a Twitter party. TailTowns is my favorite online game.

  59. @seochristy

  60. @janeeric03

  61. Sounds like fun! I’ll be there!

  62. Forgot to leave my Twitter handle….


  63. Michelle Steffen says:


  64. Rebecca @RUtheMOMof says:

    can’t wait @RUtheMOMof

  65. Not sure if my previous post went through. My computer froze while posting.


  66. I’ll be there too. πŸ™‚

  67. tammy dodson says:

    RSVP @ilovegaveaways

  68. Cindy C. @cin_20 says:

    RSVP @cin_20

  69. RSVP @mwill1980

  70. RSVP @mwill1980, this will be fun!

  71. I’ll be there! : )

  72. MusingsfromMe/Jill says:

    I’ll be there!

  73. cassandra knepshield says:

    I will be there! Thanks @cmariec15

  74. will be there @Callie1981

  75. Robert E Coleman says:


  76. @_Sabrina_Fan

  77. @chermarsh3000 says:


  78. @SweetiesFree – see you there while multi-tasking during SOA!!

  79. @notimemommy

  80. @jenliz74 Hope this is how we RSVP!

  81. Bella Donna says:

    RSVP @Bella_Donna4 – Sounds like a lot of fun πŸ™‚

  82. RSVP for jenliz74

    #tailtowns, @TeamMomMedia, @BlogRConnection

  83. Aida Gonzalez says:

    If I manage right, I’ll be there. I never use Twitter before.

  84. @ANNSTIPTOES says:



  85. Amber Killmon says:

    I’m there (with bells on!) @parentpalace. Lisa C., I’ll be doing the same thing!

  86. Catrina P says:

    Sounds like fun!


  87. @angelmom037 says:

    RSVP for @angelmom037

  88. Rsvping for @candacki !!! Can’t wait for the fun!!!

  89. @tuesdaygirl

  90. julie bolduc says:


  91. eric cousineau says:


  92. @antoniobowring

  93. Soo happy I found this! Gonna be a HUGE party! πŸ™‚ TailTown are the sweetest, most adorable-est!!

    RSVP @FirstClassKris

  94. @euw

  95. @Makeitallwork

  96. RSVP! πŸ™‚

  97. rsvp

  98. @gartzenome

    Very excited! Can’t wait for it to start πŸ™‚

  99. rsvp!!! : ) @cmariej1372

  100. @mommasreviews

  101. Tiffany Ard (@tiffany053p) says:

    RSVP @tiffany053p

  102. quilter 4 eva says:

    I hope to participate!! @quilter4eva

  103. I’ll be there – @katzladeee

  104. Noragretz3 says:

    rsvp’ing don’t think it picked up first one?

  105. Awesome πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to join. @momsmuddle

  106. Jakob Muro says:

    RSVP @jakemuro21
    Can’t wait

  107. I’ll be joining everyone @chaoticmakers

  108. Ready for the party!


  109. @kewaldo very excited

  110. @mswaldo very excited too!

  111. @mswaldo looking forward to it

  112. Dawn Osattin says:

    RSVP @dawnscott1

    Looking forward to the party πŸ™‚

  113. @weareofficially says:

    rsvp-ing for later – @weareofficially

  114. @heartsdesign

  115. Going to be there as soon as i can. My twitter id is@cbjhockey

  116. RSVP @geekdad248

  117. Chelsea Spurgeon says:


  118. @simplyandreah

  119. @cferrucci

  120. Bridget Patterson says:

    RSVP for @phillycouponmom

  121. lisa Thompson says:


  122. @kancitygirl Rose Fullana says:

    RSVP @kancitygirl Love your webpage. TailTowns looks interesting. Great graphics

  123. Laurie Clausen says:

    Yeah, TTFriends!


  124. Going to try to be at the party.RSVP @DebJohnston6

  125. Sara Broers says:

    @saramomof2 rsvp

  126. yippeee i am there


  127. Debbie Mitchell says:

    I’m looking forward to it @TVProducerDeb

  128. Michelle S says:

    RSVP: @Chellesyvonne

  129. Laura Miller says:

    RSVP for @Krazed79 I love games!!!

  130. jeannine s says:


  131. @xxdeadgrlx

  132. Brenda S. says:


  133. Katherine B says:

    RSVP: @KatieBriggs1210

  134. Been playing for over a week now and I really enjoy the game.

  135. Heather G says:

    RSVP @guitargirlut

  136. Lisa Barto says:

    oh fun ill be there @lisamarie552

  137. @DevonaDianaFrye says:

    @DevonaDianaFrye I’ll see everyone there πŸ™‚

  138. Mary Rutter says:

    MaryRutter rsvp

  139. erin dear says:

    @mummadear rsvp

  140. erin dear says:


  141. Im in! @RealMomReviews

  142. Roz Schroeder says:


  143. @vballgirl1123

  144. @satorialin

  145. My twitter handle is @tater123075

  146. Sarah Peppel says:


  147. Alisson H. says:

    RSVP @busyVAmom

  148. RSVP @mowpow08

  149. @sillymommy

  150. @confrugal

  151. Rebecca @RUtheMOMof says:

    @RUtheMOMof or @RUtheMOMof5 (jail)

  152. @JessicaTafe

  153. @alexx2525

    i can’t wait

  154. debra diriwachter says:


  155. Melissa Johnson says:


  156. Marilyne S says:


  157. @zoya513

  158. Can’t wait for this party! @2Wired2Tired

  159. @kawee3 just in case!

  160. Don’t see me anymore… RSVP @FirstClassKris

  161. @bittripfan

  162. @marlibu

  163. rsvp @mscrismommy

  164. Nicole Shaffer says:


  165. @mscrismommy

  166. @HilLesha

  167. @emixturner says:


  168. @Countrypoohbear See you there

  169. noragretz3 says:


  170. Leanne Gentry says:

    I’m looking forward to it! @aerogrit1

  171. Stacey Brickner says:

    RSVP @St4ceyNicole =)

  172. Tiffiny - SmilieMommy says:

    @smiliemommy hi everyone, trying.to follow from my phone, so it may be slow going for me tonight πŸ™‚

  173. Audra Wolfe says:

    Sounds fun!! Hope I am not too late @audra_wolfe

  174. @suelee1998

  175. Katey Lyons says:

    RSVP @VanillaSyrup_

  176. @chestermom1 says:

    I have no idea how to do this party thing!!! But I love Tail Towns!

  177. @SixInTheNest RSVP

  178. RSVP @katiekinslow

  179. @fce431

  180. Laurie Clausen says:

    Did I say fun, fun, fun?! countyjr@twitter

  181. Noragretz3 says:

    I will be there don’t start without me

  182. @funkyc63 Hope to make it !


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