This Little Birdie

Now that the kids are back in school, I get to refocus my efforts of fun and entertainment solely on Isabella. She’s 3, and she’s not quite big enough to go to school, even though she desperately wants to and often finds herself dressed up and ready to go, right down to the backpack, “I’m ready to go to school mom”, oh I dread the day. Until that dreadful day, I’ve been trying to come up with creative ways to interact, learn and of course get crafty! I was browsing through a Family Fun Kids craft book that I picked up from the One Spot at Target earlier in the summer and when I saw “This Little Birdie” I could hardly contain my excitement, she had so many story telling possibilities, so we HAD to create her instantly!


This Little Birdie

This Little Birdie told me… About a little princess baby

This Little Birdie told me… She’d be Precious and Beautiful

That’s what This Little Birdie told me…

This Little Birdie told me… She’d steal my heart

This Little Birdie told me…She’d bring me mountains of happiness and joy

That’s what This Little Birdie told me…

This Little Birdie told me… Her smile could erase all the pain

This Little Birdie told me… Her laughter would make me smile again

That’s what This Little Birdie told me…

This Little Birdie told me…The Little Princess Baby is you!

Everything that this Little Birdie told me about you is true!


Scrapbook Paper


2 Colored Paper Clips



Glue Stick


Hole Punch

Steps (see the following photos)

Step 1

Step 2 (resize)

Step 3 (resized)

Step 4 (resize)

Step 5 (resize)

Come to think of it, This Little Birdie really has so much potential.  She’s a messenger, she’s a place setting holder, she’s a desk ornament, the options are limitless. But what This Little Birdie is more than anything else, is a symbol… A symbol of all the BIG hopes, dreams and aspirations that will soon take flight in Isabella’s mind and one day become her reality.

How do you connect with your children creatively?


Until Next Time,


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  1. Oh that is priceless!! I would even print out the poem on nice paper and frame it with the bird!! Adorable!! Pinned & Tweeted!

  2. Too cute! I love the color of your birdie and agree with Jamie it would be great framed with the poem! Pinned and Tweeted!

  3. That is just such a cute idea!

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