When networking, business cards are very important. This is a way for you to connect with the person you had a conversation with. You should always have a supply of business cards with you to hand out.


Must have items on business cards.

Your name

Your business/blog name

Email address

Your business/blog url

Title- Are you the founder, a writer, etc

What you do– It should be clear if you’re a blogger, consultant, PR rep, etc

**If you’re a PR rep- Add a little sticker of who you are representing or the niche of your clients. If your client is a toy company and I’m having an event for beauty and fashion, why waste both of our time having me email you for you to tell me it doesn’t fit.

Optional Information:

Twitter ID– If you’re an avid Twitter user this info should be added

Facebook Fan Page– If your business/blog has a Facebook page this should be added

Phone number– This is totally optional, some like to keep their phone number private


What not to do:

Don’t skimp– quality makes a big difference when wanting to make a fist impression. Your business card is your first line of advertisement for your business/blog so be wise.

Font- (size and style) Make sure your card is readable. Use font that is clear and large enough to read. Fancy script may look pretty to you, but trying to figure out what it says is frustrating.

Clutter– Don’t clutter your card. White space gives a professional clean look. Add the necessities – your name, your company, contact info, and who you are.

Size– I’ve been given tiny business cards that are not only hard to read but they can easily be lost. I’ve also been given a card that is so over-sized it doesn’t fit in my card book sleeve.


Lastly be creative, be memorable, use this advertising space to its fullest potential.


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April 1, 2012

Business Cards- Tips on How To Create

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