I have read many blogs and I’ve gotten to know many of the writers in person. We, bloggers, write about a variety subjects and we often give our own personal opinions on many topics, products, events, and every thing under the sun. We hold many different positions in our everyday lives such as; stay at home moms, accountants, lawyers, executives, CEOs, and writers. Some blog full time and some part time. We have been stigmatized as “mommy bloggers” but the truth is we all don’t blog about our children and many bloggers are not moms. We bloggers have opened doors for the next generation to make a career writing about their hearts desire, making a difference for generations to come. One thing we don’t do is go to war with each other.

I was reading a post on 5minutesformom who also happen to be my friends and I was appalled by what I read. Time magazine is trying to pit moms against each other. Susan wrote about Time magazine’s cover and the controversy they’re trying to start in order to get sales. Susan said it best!

The fact is moms are not at war with each other. But that doesn’t sell magazines.

But we as media consumers must stand up and say we are sick of this negative campaigning to exploit mothers and create controversy and animosity surrounding parenting decisions.

photo credit - 5minutesformom.com


I encourage you to go read Susan’s post and follow her advice by uniting and not letting these large media machines give false facts about us or try to make a spectacle out of us. It almost doesn’t surprise me because Time magazine hasn’t come out with anything worth reading lately. By us giving a response to their non-sense story, it gives them the attention they want.

To all you moms, I wish you Happy Mother’s Day every day. I respect your decision in how you raise your children. I love that you debate with me over issues, I may not agree in the end but I do learn something with every debate. Thank you for sharing your heartaches, your accomplishments and your motherhood. You are truly amazing!


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May 14, 2012

Time Magazine Tries to Start a Conflict and Loses

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  1. Gina B

    May 14th, 2012 at 3:17 pm

    I completely agree! First of all, the photo was used to sell papers, first and foremost, rather than promote attachment parenting. Attachment parenting, secondly, as well as all natural parenting care, seems to me to be often maligned in the media, except when it suits their purpose. Finally, thanks to my long life of blogging, I have friends all over the country, and in all stages of parenthood, conservatives, progressives, every faith, every philosophy, all over the economic spectrum from all-natural moms to the most technical. I get along with every one, and though we may disagree about c-sections, or spanking, or vaccines, we all respect each other’s right to parent as we each see fit. Mommy wars is a great, big media lie that hurts moms, in my opinion.