Last  week television producer and media coach Lora Wiley- Lennartz  focused on performance tips- coaching for bloggers who are making, or think about making or aspiring to make better videos for their blogs.  Today she will work on making your performance better and  give you tips on ways to enhance your blog video storyline .  If a blog is structured correctly you can provide information from beginning to end,  in a clear, concise and efficient manner. Here are six professional tips for structuring your blog’s video storyline.


Tease Me Later: An important part of the video is the open and the initial capturing of your audience. It can also the most difficult because it’s usually where you are the most nervous and vulnerable. I suggest shooting your open last. By this time you are warmed up and relaxed and feel you have the hang of things. Your intro should be short, catchy and tease the upcoming topic.

Understand TV Time vs. Regular Time: The best way to do this is to time yourself watching TV for one full minute. You will see what a freaking eternity this is for a viewer. especially for you Twitterheads out there. However, when you are on the other side of the camera, one minute goes by in a heartbeat. So you must learn to…

Organize Your Information: When you watch hosts on TV, many of them are holding cards. These cards contain their questions and bullet points about the guests. I suggest writing out your entire segment from top to bottom, including your intros and outros. Then condense the segment to bullet points and put them on cards.

 Shoot Less/Practice More: Use the cards to run through your segment several times before your shoot. You will find yourself making notes on them to adjust them as things feel right or not right in the segment during rehearsal. This will help make your segment more concise and flow better. It will also save you tons of time in editing by eliminating several takes.

The 3 Ts:  Add short and sweet tips, tricks and trivia to your dialog. Put them on a separate card or insert them in the appropriate place.

Watch Yourself: I can’t even count how many people I coach who hate watching their training tapes. If they do, it’s often through their fingers because their hands are over their face. Tape some of your rehearsals and watch them. Develop your own critical eye. Check your voice, your body language, the camera angles. scrutinize your  wardrobe, hair, makeup, lighting. Does the segment make sense? Did you leave anything out? Can you cut some of the steps out or combine them to make things move faster? Check your energy level. Embrace these training tapes as the step to being better, not as an embarrassment.

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Meet Lora Wiley-Lennartz:

Lora Wiley-Lennartz  is an Emmy nominated producer, media coach and food blogger who has produced the best of the best TV personalities both nationally and internationally.  A passionate home baker, she is the author/creator of a food blog, Presently she is working as the Managing Director of a creative web agency and the Managing Editor of an online magazine.

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July 12, 2012

Six Professional Tips For Structuring Your Blog’s Video Storyline

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