Earlier this week Rachel wrote a post entitled, “Why You Should Unplug.” It stuck in my mind and I decided to do something about it…it was time for action, I mean inaction! 😉

For me bliss is often found in the simplest moments and the tiniest pleasures. This morning I took the time to pamper myself and it felt really good. I have been working so hard since January 1..no complaints as it is a paying gig, but I have neglected myself big time as a result. And it is showing.

I am tired and cranky and in need of some R&R…to renew my soul. Work, even if you love what you do, can be stressful and leave you drained. Working for yourself is a 24/7 JOB!!! Trying to make a living as a blogger…well you get the drift…it takes a lot of energy!!!

Unless you are organized, have a time off plan and are committed to carrying that plan out, you can reach burnout…a not so good place for you personally, physically, spiritually, etc. Plus it can take a toll on your relationships if you are not careful.

Today I found bliss in a cup of tea, a pistachio macaron and a fave French magazine. To read more about my experience, and see more photos, visit Creative Compass Magazine.

So search for a time you can take care of YOU!!! Follow my lead or find one of your own. Share with me how you find time or make time for bliss!!!


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July 16, 2012

Finding Bliss Wherever You Can

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  1. Gina B

    July 18th, 2012 at 9:07 am

    This is one hundred percent true! Little breaks in a day can really help out.