As we head into the final stretch of Season 5 of “True Blood,” Episode 58, “Gone, Gone, Gone,” revealed a few surprises: Hoyt leaves, Eric gets converted, and Tara is a straight-up, kick-ass vampire, way harder than ex-madame Pam ever was.  It seems to me that the entire cast is “evolving”.

  Jessica and Jason Move On: Will Hoyt ever return?
After seasons of pining for Jessica, Hoyt’s story took a turn for the worse as he joined the now-jailed Obamas to eliminate “sups.”  Freed of that, feeling low and remorseful, Hoyt takes what I could see as the only honorable option for his character – leaving for Alaska and asking Jessica to wipe his memory first.  His story ended clean, so I don’t see his character as coming back, however, executive producer Alan Ball wanted to make sure that if they needed him to come back, they could – which why they didn’t kill him.  It was a fairly touching ending, but I felt like so much was going on and that Hoyt’s character was so detached this season, that it didn’t really have an emotional punch for me.  And unlike Russell Edgington, I’m not eager to see him return.


  Bill and Eric: United by Sookie again?
Eric converts as the Authority forces him to drink Lilith’s blood and, together with Nora, has a vision of Godric destroyed by Lilith.  I really did not believe that Eric was truly converted, especially when he begged forgiveness from Russell.  It rang hollow to me, but Eric can be hard to read.  What do you think?  Bill appears to be a complete Lilith devotee, not seeming to mind that Lilith’s latest appearance was a drug-induced hallucination shared by Nora and Eric.  But when Russell leaves the order to find a certain fairy he loves to suck, Bill is shaken.  I’m convinced these two will unite – yet again – to save Sookie, now that Russell is hot on her trail so he can daywalk again.  My only question: Will Steve follow, puppy in tow?

Sam and Luna: Devolving
Sneaking into Steve’s briefcase as mice, Sam and Luna are now in the Authority’s lair!  I can’t wait to see how that plays out:  Will Steve leave Emma behind to follow Russell, or will he take her with him?  He seems pretty attached, and my money is on Sam and Emma’s confrontation taking place at the Authority, and not on the road.

Tara and Pam: Unlikely duo
After dealing with the new sheriff, who came off like a teen Marilyn Manson-wannabe, and his petulant demand for more money and new vampires, Pam gets nervous and considers abandoning the bar, telling Tara that’s how she lived with Eric on the road for a long time.  Is Pam getting sentimental?  It’s not like her to show such cowardice, but I think she is still demoralized from losing Eric.  Tara bucks her, taking out the sheriff, and showing that she’s now embraced this new life.    I feel like she’s finally back!  Will Pam put up with her, or pull rank and make her run?

Sookie: Double threat
It was fun watching Jason mock her detective skills, “Who’s the smart one now?” He finds the box that contains a mysterious scroll.  I liked that, because the dumb cop analogy was getting a bit tired on this show and on Jason in particular – nice to see he’s evolving too.  The fairies reveal that it’s a pact between Warlow and a Stackhouse ancestor, giving him the first fairy in the Stackhouse line – her.  But what’s the pact about?  This all leads me to wonder what will happen when Bill and Eric (inevitably) show up to “rescue” Sookie from Russell.  I have a feeling that Russell will somehow play into this Warlow / fairy plot line but I’m not sure how, other than Warlow initially reminded me of Russell.  A relative, perhaps?

Bonus:  Although I was sorry to see Molly go, it was a nice touch to see how the iStakes worked -I’m far too much of a geek to bypass the irony of seeing it work on the developer.  Ouch, “True Blood,” hating on the IT guy much?

All in all, a good episode, pretty tight (no wasted back story on how or why Mike became a vampire, which was pretty much summed up in the “create more vamps” directive made by the Authority) and plenty of setup for the last few episodes.  However, I am sadly missing a bigger Lafayette plot line, his character is always pure fun to watch.

Let’s see how the cast at Bon Temps evolves next week…

What do you think will happen??

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August 15, 2012

True Blood, Episode 58: The Cast Evolves

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