True Blood Sunset Season 5 Episode 11


Episode 11: Sunset begins with a very delusional Bill entering the Authority’s headquarters. Bill hears a faint female voice telling him to come to them. The doors open revealing Lilith’s blood vial. Bill turns to walk away and a screech rings out. Not Screech from Saved by The Bell, it was Lilith, covered in blood with nothing but her fangs to keep her warm. She opens the door to the glass case holding her vial of blood and tells Bill she has chosen him to lead. Initially he is aroused by the offer and pops those lovely fangs out to prove it. Suddenly he comes to his senses, shakes off the vision, and begins to walk away. He hears yet another noise and turns around to see Lilith gone but her bloody hand print very much present.


The scene moves to Nora who is remembering her vision of her Maker being murdered by Lilith before her eyes. She is interrupted by the appearance of Salome emerging from the double doors before her. She is there to tell Nora that they will have a visit from General Kavanaugh. She notices that Nora is a little off so she asks if she is okay. Quick thinking Nora tells her that she is worried that Russell Edgington’s recent actions will ruin them. Salome embraces Nora and they share a kiss. Salome leaves comfortable with where she and Nora stand.  Nora walks off with a sense of purpose in her eyes.



In the bedroom, Bill appears in the doorway to a surprised Jessica. She asks if she can use his phone since her phone won’t get any reception. She wants to warn Jason of Russell Edgington’s plan to feast on Faeries. Bill denies her the use of his phone and refuses to let her warn anyone including, the half Faerie, Sookie. Bill explains that humans are simply food but Jessica counteracts with the idea to turn Jason into a Vampire. Bill is on to her and quickly tells her he is no idiot. He forces her to “make” Jason immediately. She is sent off with two guards via helicopter to “sire” the unsuspecting Jason.

Nora continues to walk down the hall until she reaches a pacing Eric. Their eyes meet and without words they share a meaningful embrace. Relieved to have found their way back to each other, they celebrate like only a Vampire should. The clothes fly off and the love making begins. Nora repeatedly asks that Eric forgives her and wants to know what they will do now. Eric assures her he will get them both out of there as he throws her to the bed to continue their love making, Vampire style.

Jason and Sookie are in the Faerie tent. Still in shock, she tells Jason her disbelief that she could be promised to a Vampire before she was ever born. Jason reassures her that they will find a way to defeat this Vampire and asks that she stay in the tent. Jason leaves and the scene quickly shifts to the arrival of General Kavanaugh at the Authority’s headquarters.


All of the Chancellors, including Eric, have assembled at their conference table. General Kavanaugh presents the Chancellors with proof they bombed the True Blood factories. He reiterates that they have an agreement to “mainstream” and he demands to see Roman. They feel pretty sure of themselves so they tell General Kavanaugh he should watch himself in their presence because they are now a Singuilista regimen and Roman is no more.

General Kavanaugh quickly presents a flash drive and tells them its video footage of Russell and Steve murdering Frat boys. He lets them know there are more copies and if anything happens to him, they will be released to the press. The Vampires may think they are on top but General Kavanaugh tells them they have weapons and have planned for this day. He also reminds them that the humans own the day!  Before the General can leave the room, Eric goes into Vampire mode and zooms across the room, breaking General Kavanaugh’s neck.

Jessica is being supervised by Bill’s minions as she tries to give a clueless Jason a hint that his life is in danger. She begs him to listen to her as the minions grow tired of her beating around the bush. They insist she do it now or they will do it themselves. Fearing they may make good on their promise, Jessica lunges for Jason and sinks her pearlie white fangs into his throat.

Meanwhile, the Chancellors are in an uproar. They are frantic about Eric’s actions. Eric apologizes and goes into correction mode. He suggests that he and Nora go on a glamouring campaign to rid everyone of the thought of General Kavanaugh. Bill senses something is up and suggests they take two minions along for the ride.

We quickly return to Jessica who is lying in the ground crying as she holds Jason in her arms. She is apologizing to Jason for drinking his blood as the minions bury both Jason and Jessica. Suddenly, Jessica whispers to Jason that he should do it now and he unloads a death shot into each minion before they know what hit them. Jessica tells Jason of Russell’s plan to feast on Faeries and sends him to warn Sookie. She tells Jason that she did not fake the part about wanting to spend eternity with him but Jason is on a mission so he lets that tidbit go over his head.

Jessica finds her way to Fangtasia covered in blood soaked tears and dirt. She begs Pam for shelter, which she is promptly denied. Tara and Pam are in a tizzy over the murder of Elijah and Pam warns Tara that the Authority will soon get wind of his death and come for them. She, as Tara’s Maker, forbids her to discuss his death. This sends a cloak of protection over Tara. All thoughts of Elijah are forgotten when Jessica tells Pam she will tell her where Eric is in exchange for shelter.

Speaking of Eric, he and Nora are riding in the Authority’s SUV in silence when they approach a red light. Eric reaches to turn the radio station and stakes both minions instead. Eerie operatic music is played as they smile and fly into the night’s sky. Nora tossing her Authority necklace with Lilith blood to the ground.

Sookie seeks answers about Warlow from the Elder Faerie. Unfortunately, this woman has a case of ADHD that not even Ritalin can tackle. This eccentric and colorful woman tells Sookie that she should hold on to her light because there is a reason she cannot resist Vampires and that she sluts her heart out to every man she meets. She tells Sookie that her destiny intertwines with both Sookie and Warlow.

Just then, Jason arrives screaming for Sookie. He updates her of Russell Edginton’s plans and their lack of help from Eric and Bill. The Elder Faerie is a bit more concerned and shocked that Russell Edgington is alive. This is the only thing that has kept this woman’s focused for 5 seconds. She shows great fear and impending doom in her eyes.

Back at Merlot’s, Sheriff Andy is trying to bond with Holly’s boys. It is an awkward scene as one forces out a halfhearted apology. The other teen is not as nice. He can’t muster up an apology so he goes for sarcasm and insults Andy instead.

Alcide is at his dad’s trailer where he is digging post holes to put up a fence. He is visited by another Werewolf that is there to warn them about the Vampire attacks. This opens up the story as to why Alcide’s dad is no longer a Pack Master. It seems that his father was accused of stealing money from the Pack and thrown out of the Pack as punishment. Alcide wants his father to admit his guilt but his father is not taking this judgmental attitude from his own son lightly.

Back at the Faerie tent, Sookie is trying to warn the other Faeries that they must fight. The Elder Faerie agrees. With that being said, Sookie and Jason are standing under a tree in the beautiful sun. They are devising a plan that will help them fight Russell. Sookie offers Jason the out and tells him he doesn’t have to participate. They share a hug but Jason goes to do what a man has to do and sets the plan in motion.

Andy and Terry are eating lunch and sharing a loving moment at Merlot’s. Andy wants to know how to give his relationship staying power. They discuss loyalty, trust, and honesty when Maurella walks in and reveals her belly. Andy tells Maurella that it has only been one week. She tells him that she is right on schedule for a Faerie pregnancy. She reminds him that he swore upon the light when he touched her finger before coitus. She threatens Andy with a war against the Faeries if he does not protect her and their baby.

Pam informs Tara and Jessica about Vampire nests and how Vampires can live together and become sadistic when they start drinking the blood of other Vampires. When she leaves, Jessica notices that Tara may have feelings for Pam and calls her on her blushing. Tara freaks out but she quickly bonds with Jessica and shares a smile.

Upstairs in the bar, Rosalyn Harris walks in and threatens Tara. She is Elijah’s Maker and wants to know who murdered Elijah. Pam confesses and is promptly arrested. Before she leaves, Rosalyn sniffs out Jessica and snatches her up as well.

Back at the Authority, Bill is having Lilith visions again as she is trying to persuade him to drink all of her blood.

Alcide and his father are visited by some baby Vampires. They meet his newly installed electrical fence and head over to the next trailer instead. Alcide, being the hero he is, decides he will go over and attempt to provide protection.  Alcide is overcome by the baby Vampires when his father appears on top of a trailer holding a bow and arrow. Alcide’s father shoots and kills a baby Vampire to protect his son.

Back at Sookie’s house, Jason is standing guard with a rifle. A clever Steve and Russell sneak up on him, Vampire style. They feel they have the upper hand so they take Jason prisoner. Jason allows himself to be glamoured by Russell and leads them to the Faerie camp.

Everything is going crazy at the Authority. Sam and Luna have found a caged area where many humans are held for food. They finally find Emma, but they are quickly discovered and confused as being one of the many humans there to feed the Vampires. Sam wants Luna to shift but she refuses to leave Emma. The guards need to provide a human for Bill’s breakfast so Sam volunteers.

Bill hears a noise and enters the room that holds the vial of Lilith’s blood. Chancellor Kibwe is kneeling before Lilith’s blood vial with arms up in prayer. He has faint lines of blood in his eyes and informs Bill that Lilith has chosen him. His face is filled with glee as he feels he is favored. Bill disagrees and beheads the happy Chancellor.

Roslayn has returned, pulling Jessica by the ear. Pam and Sam pass each other in the hall when he asks that she help Luna. I guess he forgot that Pam has no clue as to who Luna is and why she should help her at all. Jessica is sent in to meet Bill. She stands up to Bill and is quickly knocked off her feet. He is still insisting that Lilith has chosen him.

Little does Bill know, Lilith is in the hall telling Salome that she has chosen her and wants her to lead the Vampires.



Jason, Steve, and Russell have arrived outside of the Faerie tent. They can smell the Faeries all around them and this makes their fangs fly! The smell has them going crazy looking for the Faeries and they are running out of patience. The Elder Faerie reveals herself. She sends a bolt of light through Steve that sends him flying. She tries to banish Russell and sends a large bolt of light towards him when he grabs Jason to block the light. Jason flies into a tree and lands on the ground, unconscious. The Elder Faerie tries again but Russell gets the upper hand and drains her immediately. This gives Russell the power to see all of the Faeries.

The Faeries are using their power to send light to Russell but he proclaims that he cannot feel it.

Salome insists Vampires shall rule this earth and seems to have formed an army to do just that.

Jason is dressed in all black and is going into stealth mode with gun in tow. His tolerance for Vampires is over.

Eric warns Bill that Lilith is a false God.

Bill tells Sam he should have never come and that now he knows too much.

Salome drinks from Lilith’s vial but will she drink it all?

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August 21, 2012

True Blood Season 5 Episode 11: Sunset Recap & Spoilers

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