I have been suffering with migraines since I was twenty five, I’m now forty three so you do the math. One migraine is too many if you ask me. A migraine takes away many hours and sometimes days out of your life. A migraine can come quickly and it basically feels like someone is stabbing you in your head.

If you are in the “migraine club” you most likely have tried everything from home remedies to medications. The truth is, we have to learn how to manage our migraines. Managing your migraines is also time consuming but once you get a relief system down, you won’t suffer.

What is a migraine?

A migraine is severe headaches, lasting anywhere from 6 to 72 hours. It’s a stabbing pain in one area of the head. During migraines, there is contraction or dilation of the blood vessels. The slightest light or sound can feel like a canon going off next to your ear.You also get nausea and sometimes can vomit.

When do you get migraines?

Most professionals will say they come due to stress, anxiety, hormonal change, chocolate, light, not enough sleep, not enough food, basically anything can cause a migraine.

Do home remedies work?

You can try them but I’ve had potatoes on my head, lemon, oils, bandanas, and fuzzy kittens, well not really kittens but you get the drift. I’ve tried grape juice, cabbage leaves, garlic, primrose, and every other organic ingredient I could get my hands on. I have not  found one that works!

What about prescribed and OTC meds?

There’s Excedrin Migraine, which is basically aspirin on steroids with caffeine. I’ve tried Imetrex, butalbital, maxalt, Frova, percocet, and vicodin. The percocet and vicodin just put me in a coma, which wasn’t a bad thing, but then you can kiss your day away. The maxalt was pretty cool because it wasn’t a narcotic and if you caought it in time, your migraine would be gone in 15 minutes. The problem with the maxalt was you can only take 4 pills within a 7 day window so if does not work and you need to take another one, that only leave s you with 2 pills for the next 6 days. Often when you’re going through a migraine period, you can have it return in the next 2-3 days.

My doctor gave me a prescription for Treximet- they are huge blue pills and you get nine in your container. You can take the pill on the onset of the migraine or if it’s full blown and within 20 minutes you feel the migraine leaving. You actually feel your blood vessels opening so your blood in your head can flow- sounds gross but it’s a beautiful feeling. I think I’ve needed to take a second pill twice in a five year period. Another good point to Treximet is you can take more than 4 in a 7 day period…. Of course ALWAYS talk to your doctor about how often you can take your medicine! I should work for Treximet or be their spokesperson because I am an advocate for the huge blue pill. It’s the only thing that has worked in 18 years. My daughters  also get migraines and take Treximet too.

Back to managing your migraine!

If you start to get a headache pay attention to where it is and what it feels like and you’ll learn if it’s going to turn into a migraine. I sometimes take Aleve and drink a Coke or strong cup of coffee to beat the migraine. If you’re in a migraine prone state, Do NOT drink alcohol. I don’t care if Gerard Butler offers to buy you a drink. The answer is NO. Keep track of when you get them and what you were doing or eating, maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones and figure out why you get them. If you’ve tried everything like I have, I strongly suggest you speak to your doctor about Treximet.

I wish you a Migraine Free Day!!!

How do you handle your migraines?

Disclosure- This is not medical advice as I’m not a doctor. I’m sharing my experience with migraines and Treximet has not asked or given any information for this post. All opinions are my own. Never take medication without talking to your doctor.

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August 22, 2012

Migraines – The Truth About Home Remedies and Medicines

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  1. Gina B

    August 22nd, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear that you suffer from these, augh! I don’t get migraines, all my headaches are killer and all related to environmental allergies, usually triggered by weather conditions and things like coffee, chocolate, alcohol. That said, it does sound like the real problem is that migraine causes are tricky to establish. Maybe if they could establish what is causing the pain medically, better solutions would be available. I don’t take meds much (due to being on blood thinners) but I’m really happy you found something for the pain – I know how debilitating it can be!

  2. Jenn @therebelchick

    August 23rd, 2012 at 7:50 am

    I suffer from migraines as well, and still have not found that “magic pill” that makes them go away. I’ve taken a few different prescriptions but haven’t tried Treximet yet…thanks for sharing! I will have to ask my neurologist about it!

  3. Lyle Henry

    August 27th, 2012 at 10:00 am

    Migraine is a genetic condition that is “triggered” by various conditions most prevalent of which is hormone fluctuation. There are a number of different reasons why hormones fluctuate in the body including menstrual cycles for women, stress, the body’s own awakening process (the reason many migraine headaches occur at 4 AM) and especially for women the adding of hormones either as birth control pills or HRT.

    For many women, the most difficult time for migraines starts at around age 40 when the body starts into the peri-menopause stage of life and hormones begin to fluctuate erratically. This is a time when migraines can become chronic.
    Migraine prevention through natural migraine defense can be achieved in many cases.


  4. chris

    August 29th, 2012 at 9:42 am

    Although there are lots of different cures and remedies for headache, not all of them would work for you. You should be able to find what works for you and what doesn’t.

  5. waynemarshalmetadrin

    October 7th, 2013 at 8:45 am

    Migraines can be more than just a pain in the head so to speak, their causes are very different and symptoms can be likened to strokes and seizures.Severe and chronic migraines require special attention and treatment.http://metadrin.com/