Well, it certainly was an exciting night for the folks at True Blood!  After escaping the Authority and killing their “security detail”, Eric finds Russell Edgington in a fairy high ready to devour the entire fairy clan since their powers are useless against them.  Did anyone notice that Sookie seems to have exhausted hers?  One spike later, he’s a goner (famous last word, “Oh f—“) and Eric has finally avenged his family!  Sookie checks on Jason, while Nora goes bananas over her smell, and Steve disappears into the night.  Jason sees his parents, who spend the rest of the episode encouraging him to kill all vampires.  Were they really such rednecks, or is this just Jason’s fantasy?  Or is this a fairy spell?

Sam shows up on the menu as Bill’s breakfast to “talk some sense” into him, but Bill is too far gone down the path of Lilith.  He shifts into a fly and Bill zaps all over the ceiling trying to catch a fly. (He’s NOT Mr. Miyagi!)  Sam flies into the ducts, and Bill yells at the security team, “We’ve been breached!”

Eric and Nora show up at Fangtasia only to learn that the Authority has Pam.  They gear up to get back to Authority and save Pam, much to Nora’s annoyance.  Eric “encourages” she welcome everyone to the family …with a show of teeth.  The three go to Sookie’s house to recruit her to save Bill.  Sookie is flabbergasted to see Tara again, but all Tara can say is, “You. Owe. Pam.”  Jason is encouraged by his parents to get on board to kill vamps.

Bill gives the guards hell about finding the shifter and killing every rodent and insect they find.  Bill tells Salome Lilith told him that she is the chosen one and the prophet and he is to “serve and protect” her.  What is he up to?

Down in the cell block, Luna is comforting Emma and Sam returns telling her that Bill has lost it and he’s going to scope out the place.  Jessica and Pam discuss the possibility of Eric turning religious and end up talking about Sookie.  Pam: “Why do all roads lead back to Sookie?”

At his dad’s trailer, Alcide and Jackson have a heart to heart.  Martha drives up with a stoned Rikki, fearing she’s od’d, since TJ forced the whole pack to take vampire blood.  Jackson detoxes Rikki and suggests Alcide use the “good” V to beat TJ.

At Merlotte’s, Lafayette’s mixing drinks for the weirdest party that’s about to begin, as Andy and his knocked-up  fairy show up.  Andy tells Holly about his affair with Maurella and her pregnancy.  NOT good.  She ends up midwifing the delivery moments later.  Let’s just say that fairy labor looks and sounds a lot more like a good romp than actual childbirth.  It’s a girl – but they’re not done yet!

Back at the cellblock,  “Steve” gets Emma out for a walk and comforts her, so we know this is Luna in disguise.  “Steve” tries to leave out the authority, past the receptionist, who wonders where his accent went.  Rosalyn shows up in a heated rage, telling him he has to damage control for the 22 frat boys he and Russell ate, and forces “Steve” into the studio.

At Merlotte’s, Maurella delivers her 4th baby girl and wishes Andy good luck raising them.  Holly call him a dick.


Alcide, Jackson, and Martha show up to watch Alcide kick TJ’s ass – and then kill him.  Whoa, that must be some mighty strong V!  Alcide takes the reigns as pack master and promises to return them to back to the notion of respect for all natural things.  They will no longer take advantage of any creatures younger or weaker.  Good for Alcide, for once, the ends justified the means.


Eric and Nora drive up to the Authority with Tara, Sookie, and Jason as hostages, but on granting them entrance, Bill sees Sookie.  Uh oh.  Once inside Jason is prepared to kill Bill, if needed.

Luna-Steve goes live on the air to try to explain the murders but starts to get sick while speaking.  Then Luna converts back to herself and tells all she can about the existence of the authority.  Rosalyn sets off to kill her, and Sam flies up her nose (as a fly) then morphs back into human form, for one of the most spectacular vampire deaths ever.  No kidding.  Luna keels over.

Back at the Authority, while Salome grabs Lilith’s blood, the human-vamp team comes up in the elevator.   Jason blows the receptionist’s head off, then starts taking out vamps left and right.  Jess tells Jason she loves him, and he replies, “I could never love a vampire.”  Nora and Eric hide in the ceiling and bring down most of the security team.    Tara and Sookie open the prison doors, and Pam and Tara kiss like long lost lovers.  (We all said, “I knew it!” just like Jess.)

Bill and Salome meet and she drinks the blood.  Too bad it’s just random blood that Bill heavily silvered.  Salome keels over and gives it up for Lilith choosing wisely just before Bill stakes her.  Bill stands, holding Lilith’s blood.  Enter Eric and Sookie.  He speaks first: “She’s a mad god, Bill, don’t drink it!”  Bill calls Sookie an abomination, but still she tries to reason with him.  “You are unique among all the vampires I’ve met.”

Bill isn’t buying her romantic ruminations on how good he is.  We finally get why he’s become so enamoured of the Sanguinista way:  All his vampire life, he feared that God had forsaken him, had damned him, and Lilith took all that fear away and made him someone important.

“I told you the first night we met: vampires often turn on those they love the most.”

He drinks.

He bubbles up and dies in a pool of blood, but as Eric comforts Sookie, Bill’s form rises up from the mess on the floor.  He shows his fangs and Eric screams, “RUN!”

Things are pretty inflamed from all angles, and I believe we will see a full out war ahead.  Humans now know about shapeshifters since Luna’s change was broadcast live.  (Lafayette: “I didn’t see that coming!”)  Will everyone believe what she said about the Authority?  Jason is angry and wants to kill all vamps.  Bill is Lilith/Bill reincarnated – and does Warlow fit into all this?  My husband thinks Bill is Warlow reincarnated – now that would be a kick!  The real question is how many vamps will be on Bill’s side, and how many humans and vamps will be on the other?  I don’t think the wolves will get involved, but will they be called on?  Will the fairies factor in the battle?  (They’re really too fickle to count on even if they do.)

What did you think of this season?  I enjoyed it.  I liked that Bill completely went off the rails, that Tara warmed up to vampire self, and that Luna and Sam got more of a plot line.  I was rather bored with the story line for Arlene and Terry, and wanted more action for Lafayette.  Andy and Holly face some interesting times ahead – how fast do fairy babies grow anyway?  Can they be recruited to fight Bill?


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August 29, 2012

True Blood Season 5 Finale: Save Yourself

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  1. Shana D

    August 30th, 2012 at 9:19 am

    I felt like the season was really short and never really climaxed. I too am interested to see Bill as the bad guy and not sure if he can really play that role because when he tries to be mean it’s a little laughable and it just comes off as him being an ass.
    Hmmm lets see the fairy babies had me laughing. I wish my labor was like that! Jason seeing his parents, I think that was from smacking his head a little too hard. He’s a lover not a fighter so I hope they fix/nix that story line. It totally sucked when Jessica told him she loved him & he said he could never love a vampire 🙁
    Pam & Tara…. I KNEW IT! I knew they would some how some way end up together.
    Hopefully with Bill evil this leads to more possibilities of Sookie & Eric ending up together because lets face it, he is so much hotter then Bill.

  2. Grammy2Kaiden

    August 30th, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Did I already watch 12 episodes? I was so sad that this was the last episode. I really stink at waiting 9 months without complaining.

    This season had its ups and downs. I loved the twists and turns, but like others, I was bored with the Terry saga. I was not impressed with the whole Lilith debacle, but it left a nice cliff hanger for next season to pick up on. Now on to Eric withdrawals until June of 2013