Twitter is a flutter with twitter parties on a daily basis. Are there written rules on participation and etiquette for twitter parties? The answer is No! There are however actions you can take to show your level of participation and appreciation to the host and sponsor for having the party. Sponsor’s main goals are to bring awareness to a brand, product, item or service. The easiest and fastest way to introduce something new is through social media. Out of all the social media platforms twitter parties are the hottest commodity for product and brand introduction, especially if prizes are going to be given away at the party. Twitter Parties create brand and product awareness luring in followers to want to learn more, go out and purchase, and even win the product, item, or service being promoted. This all in turn creates a customer base and money in the party sponsor’s pocket. Parties can be a win win situation for all involved.

Below are some tips to help enhance your experience at a twitter party and also show gratitude to both host(s) and sponsors for having the party.

  • Read through the rules for the party – they are there for a reason and explain what you need to do in order to be eligible to win prizes.
  • Make sure you are following the host(s) and sponsor prior to the start of the party
  • Pay attention to the host tweets – if asked to RT kindly hit the RT button and RT
  • Retweet sponsor tweets relating to product or brand information
  • Engage in conversation with other participants as well as the host and sponsor
  • If you have a question ask away, there are never any wrong questions in a twitter party
  • Congratulate prize winners
  • Thank the host(s) and sponsor for having the party
  • If you win a prize send a Thank You Tweet upon its arrival
  • Last, but not least, Have Fun!!

Twitter parties are a great way for guests (you) to connect with brands. This is your time to speak one on one with the brand/sponsor and start to build a relationship with them.

As I stated, there are no written rules for attending and participating in twitter parties, but there are etiquette that one can adapt to show gratitude to hosts and sponsors all while creating a fun atmosphere virtually!

How often do you go to Twitter parties? What is your favorite thing about Twitter parties?


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September 7, 2012

Tips To Enhance Your Twitter Party Experience

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