Photo courtesy Joan Massel Soncini

Luckily, we live both in the States, as well as Portovenere, Italy. My husband Mario, who is from Parma and we purchased our amazing villa just outside Portovenere in 2001, thus, we manage to explore Liguria, along with our family and friends, over the summer and at Christmas time.

Girlfriends spending a summer vacation in Portovenere, Italy
Photo courtesy Joan Massel Soncini

Food is central to the Italian mind and to any tourist coming to Italy.  The food here is divine.  It is said that “you can’t get a bad meal in Italy,” and Liguria is no exception for sure.  The pictures will certainly tell my story better than words, so please look, enjoy, and how about a visit!  But first let’s have dinner.

TreTorri l’ultima foto bellissima
Photo courtesy Joan Massel Soncini


Pasta and Pesto…………..

Tagliolini al Pesto
Photo courtesy Joan Massel Soncini

then a lovely plate of calamari………..

Calamari Fritti al Tre Torri
Photo courtesy Joan Massel Soncini

and finally some Branzino with vegetables……..

Branzino al forno con VerdurePhoto courtesy Joan  Massel Soncini

What is your favorite Italian meal?


Joan Massel Soncini

Joan Massel Soncini is a mom, grandmother, psychotherapist, and photographer  who has exhibited her photos throughout Italy.  Author of the book “Virgin Gorda : An Intimate Portrait” Joan and her husband Mario are always on the move.







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September 10, 2012

There is no such thing as a bad meal in Italy… Mangia Bene!

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