On September 11, 2001  in a matter of minutes, our world was shattered. The whole country, glued to their TV’s, horror on their faces, disbelief that what they were seeing was real. On this day the USA was attacked by terrorists, bringing down landmark buildings, and killing innocent people. We lost our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, our husbands and our wives, we lost our family members, we lost our friends….. on this day we lost. They tried to break us as a nation but we didn’t let them. They may have taken our breath away for a moment but we’re still breathing, we’re living,…..  we’ll never forget.

We’ll remember exactly what we were doing that day. I’ll remember calling friends frantically hoping they’d answer, hoping they were okay. I’ll remember the call from one of my best friends, her trying to absorb that her brother- in- law was still missing, the man who was so close with her kids she didn’t know how to tell them. I’ll also remember how strong she was along with the other thousands of families who lost loved ones. I’ll remember how NYC united and picked each other up, I’ll remember how the country united.











The last time I went to Ground Zero, it was very somber, even children seem to feel the emptiness as they quietly walked holding their parent’s hands. There was lots of construction and I watched as the workers took pride knowing they were building a memorial for those who lost their lives there.








Today the 9/11 memorial is in progress and completed in 2014 with all four sides of the Memorial accessible to the public. You can reserve your visitor pass for the memorial of the 2,983 names and the reflection pool. You will need to reserve ahead of time at 911Memorial.org. Photography is permitted but when visiting remember this is a place of remembrance. There are also many ways to donate to the memorial. Can’t get there? There’s a virtual tour so you can see what went into the planning of this beautiful memorial.

This will be the place were millions will come and “Remember”. We’ll honor the firemen, policemen, and rescuers who unselfishly gave their lives and we’ll honor those who had their lives taken for no reason. We’ll celebrate their lives and how much they gave to those around them, we’ll always “Remember”.


Have you been to NYC or to the 9/11 Memorial? Today take a moment of silence in honor of these amazing people!


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September 11, 2012

September 11th, We Will Never Forget!

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