Last week’s Sons of Anarchy Premiere left us wondering if Uncer was alive and if Jax was going to keep himself out of jail. Thankfully Uncer (Dayton Callie) is okay but got banged up pretty good. He calls on Clay for help and Clay’s fingers immediately point to the Blacks or Pope. The amputated leg last week seemed to say otherwise and Uncer feels it was a “white” beating, not a “black” beating.

Jax got a joyride with Neron (Jimmy Schmitz)  after visting Neron’s young son with Spina Bidfida. Neron’s badass side is shown as they are being tailed. Jax hanging on for dear life was actually pretty hilarious since we don’t seem afraid very often.

The loss of his daughter has messed Tig (Kim Coates) up pretty bad. His tone, his manner, they are all breathing grief. Then he walks in on his other daughter in bed with her boyfriend. He begs her to get out of town for safety, as she yells that she hates him for what he has caused to happen. Tig may snap this season, worse then before, especially behind bars.

Jax tells Tara (Maggie Siff) he wants to marry her and things move rather quickly. Until the very end I thought something was going to happen to put this off, but, surprise! Of course Gemma (Katey Sagal) gets pissed that she wasn’t informed of her only son’s wedding. Then she hands Tara rings that were her and Jon’s before she stays for the wedding. The wedding was “right to the point” with a Judge called to Neron’s brothel to perform the ceremony.

The Son’s of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 2 wrapped up with hugs being shared and goodbyes spoken as Jax, Chibs, and Tig  are cuffed and heading to jail. Just as that happens, Opie walks up and lays one on the Chief of Police’s face to land himself in cuffs as well.  Good thing he gave Lyla money and asked she take care of the kids. He’s staying close to the guys and becoming Jax……

With fights breaking out next episode, do you think all the Son’s will stay alive behind bars?

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September 18, 2012

Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 2: Mr. and Mrs. Jax Teller

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  1. Teresae

    September 19th, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    This episode absolutely blew me away because I wasn’t expecting it to hit fan again but it did. I think it’s fantastic that Jax and Tara are married now since it has been a long time coming. Even better was Gemma’s talk in the bathroom with Tara before the ceremony at Nero’s brothel. She was honest and sincere in her message to her about knowing what she’s going through. This is why I’ve got my Hopper set to record the season because I can’t afford to miss an episode. Fawn’s reaction to finding out about her sister’s death broke my heart for her and Tig because, of course, his involvement with the Sons contributed to her death. My DISH co-workers agreed with the level of intensity of this episode. On a scale of one to ten it was a fifteen and it seems like nothing is slowing season five down. I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  2. Rachel Ferrucci

    September 20th, 2012 at 12:59 am

    Teresae- I totally agree with you. Watching Sons puts you on an emotional roller coaster. I wonder if Tig is going to blame Clay for his daughter’s death. Ig Clay didn’t lie to the club, Tig wouldn’t have freaked out. Looking forward to talking to you next week!!