I am a coffee snob

Having worked in the specialty coffee business for some years.  I began as a barista and worked my way up through the ranks. I admit it, there are certain things that I can be a SNOB about, and coffee is VERY high on that list (along with chocolate and good champagne). The ONE thing that I loved most about my job, was offering coffee tastings to both customers as well as at private dinners (they would hire me to do tastings much like wine tastings). I  may not be a five star chef, but I DO pride myself on making a great cup of coffee (whether it be pulling the perfect espresso shot, steaming milk and foaming, or just making a simple pot to enjoy in the morning).

The beauty of coffee is that the BEST brewing method is actually the simplest. While machines with pods and plastic cups are easy to use, what makes GREAT coffee is DIRECT CONTACT between the coffee and water. That being said, my preferred method would be to use a Bialetti French Press.


1. Bring  filtered water (I use bottled) water to a boil and let it sit while you’re going through the next steps. The water should be HOT…not boiling when you pour it over the grounds.

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September 21, 2012

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

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