The 80’s were all about big hair and rock n roll. Sure there were other things, but who cares. It was a time when parties had a whole new meaning and were at a different level. The music kicked ass and the guys in the bands were prettier than their girls that held their arm. The 80’s music will go on forever and recruit new fans as generations go on. Even at the last KISS concert I attended the audience was filled with people who grew up in the 80’s and their kids.

When Caesars invited me to come down to Atlantic City to see Rock of Ages, I couldn’t say no. Of course I grabbed my daughter, who also can sing along with every song, and off we went.

Rock of Ages takes place in 1987 on the Sunset Strip. A small town girl, Sherrie (Shannon Mullen),  meets a big city rocker, Drew (Dominique Scott), and in LA’s most famous rock club owned by Dennis (Matt Ban), they fall in love. As soon as the characters hit the stage  you feel like you knew these characters, if you think back, it was you or someone you knew.

Throughout the show the story is told through the music of the 80’s. Every song ripped through you, bringing you back and you couldn’t help belting the songs out and head banging in your seat.

Lonny (Justin Colombo) was Dennis’s best friend, and as he told the story, he would stop and talk to the audience. He would make us laugh and even had to ad-lib as the audience couldn’t help but to yell answers back to him.

Of course every story needs a bad guy. When Franz (Stephen Michael Kane) wanted to close the club to development the land, Regina (Katie Postotnik)…say it right (rhymes with Vagina), the crunchy, earthy, flower child who loved rock n roll, get s a protest started. You wanted to as your best friend and you were so happy when she found love on the strip.

The celebrity RockStar, Stacee Jaxx (Matt Nolan), was your typical lead singer who was all about himself and used women to fulfill his manly needs, causing lots of heartache along the way. He was a cross between Dee from Twisted Sister and Bret Michaels.

This show will have you on your feet, head banging, and singing along through the whole thing. I could probably go on forever about this show and there are many other characters that I didn’t get into who will also have you rocking out and laughing! You can’t help but to feel like you’ve known these people forever. I actually leaned over to my daughter to name the friends who were these characters back in the day. If you were alive in the 80’s, It’s a must-see! Who doesn’t love singing to songs by:

Journey, Night Ranger, Pat Benatar, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Twisted Sister, Poison, Asia, Whitesnake and many more!


What are some of your favorite 80’s Bands?






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September 29, 2012

Rock Of Ages at Caesars in Atlantic City

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