Sons of Anarchy Season 5: Episode 4 starts off with Jax, Tig, and Chibs are out from behind bars. Anger and sadness fill the air as everyone begins learning of Opie’s death and they prepare to say their goodbyes. Seeing Opie ready for burial…..why couldn’t it be someone else?

The ladies brought some action tonight. Even though Ashley Tisdale doesn’t play a prostitute very well, there was a freshness during her scenes. Her character, Emma Jean, didn’t seem too afraid of Gemma which should make the next few episodes interesting. A girl fight in the garage breaks out between Gemma and Dora, then Tara finishes the job. Gemma seems to be starting lots of trouble this season and I have a feeling it’s all going to blow up in her face before she knows it. Tara is hardening a lot faster this season already.

With Nero’s being evicted, him and Jax cut a deal. Jax gives him access to the high priced entertainers that they have in’s with in exchange for a cut of the profits. Jax asked Nero to stay away from Gemma but it looks like we haven’t seen the last of him. All in all, this episode was pretty uneventful in the violence department after last week.

Do you agree with Jax and Tara about not telling Able about his mother?


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October 3, 2012

Sons of Anarchy: Saying Goodbye to Opie

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