“Put on your masks. Break in. And kill him.”

Jax and Bobby meet with Uncer and he shows them his theory board on the home invasions. Jax wants to handle Clay on his own while sending Uncer over to visit the Nomad’s and check things out. Big mistake on Uncer’s part as Clay instructs the Nomad’s to off him. A twist in the end has Clay setting up Uncer to kill the Nomad’s and Uncer keeping Clay clean of being there. Looks like someone is stopping at nothing to get tot the head of the table again, but will Juice let it happen?

“That’s like 3K. I guess we are even…”

Gemma wakes up in bed with Joel McHale. He takes off, with her wallet and her SUV. McHale is hooked up in a ring where they scam chicks into bed and rob them. We get a nice chase scene as he tries to take off and the Sons and Nero head after him. Joel pulls out a gun and opens fire but Jax takes him down. They let him go telling him it’s not over. Nero finds him later on and gives him a whooping.

 “Let SAMCRO decide who lives and who dies.”

Tara and Jax decide to head up to the cabin for a few days and leave the boys with Gemma. Gemma’s face lit up at knowing she was going to spend time with the boys. Jax stops off to visit Clay before heading to the cabin. He lets Clay know that he knows he’s behind the home invasions. Clay tries to say it’s Pope and Jax tells him they will find Frankie and take it to the table.

This episode ends with two accidents. Jax and Chibs are on their way to the cabin when they attacked by gunfire and run down a hill on their bikes. They kill one guy but one gets away. A few minutes later we see Gemma drifting asleep at the wheel, with Abel and Thomas in the car. She swerves to miss a semi and drives down the hill into the tree. We are left with a gruesome scene and blood dripping from what I hope is not one of the little guys.

Who do you dislike more right now, Clay or Gemma?


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October 24, 2012

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Recap: Toad’s Wild Ride

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