Jax and Chibs are both okay after they were run off the road. As soon as Tara and Jax get word of Gemma’s accident, they rush to the boys. Tommy didn’t get a scratch but Abel got a cut on his head that will keep him in the hospital for a few days. Conditions are way better then they appeared at the end of last episode. Jax goes to question Gemma and Clay tells him that the same guys that ran Jax off the road, ran Gemma off the rode as well. Later, Jax and Tara find out the truth and Tara busts Gemma in the face with a warning to stay away from her kids.

“Betrayal is an awful thing.”

Jax and Pope meet up again. Pope knows who it was that Jax killed when he was run off the rode. Now Jax needs to find out who gave the orders and who was driving the van. The Club shows up where they are told the attackers are and gunfire turns into a chase. They get a guy up on the roof that tells them Frankie Diamonds hired them to go after Jax. That quickly ended with more gunfire and him taking a tumble off the roof thanks to Jax.

“We are connected.”

Clay makes Juice tell him why he’s so cozy with the Sheriff. Juice tells him that his father is black, Eli knows, and he has given him evidence to spare the club. He tells Clay that he stole the brick of coke and he killed Miles when he caught him. In turn, Clay tells Juice the he sent the Nomads to Uncer’s trailer. Now they are connected….this should end up being interesting…

“Accelerate the end game.”

Nero calls Jax, Chibs and Bobby to his place. Frankie is there waiting for them. He’s after $200K and Nero tells him that he has it. Frankie confirms with Jax that Clay was behind the break-ins. Frankie shoots one of Nero’s girls in the leg and takes off with Chibs and the money. Chibs takes a hit to the head with a gun barrel and is left on the side of the road.

“I’ll give you the rat at the table.”

Eli visits Jax and lets him know that someone else is giving information to the Feds. Eli offers up a trade. If Jax brings him the people that killed his wife and unborn child, he will give him the rat in The Club. The DNA under Eli’s wife’s finger nails was inconclusive so without Jax, he may never know who did it.

“Get used to living in a brothel.”

The episode ends with Jax paying Gemma another visit. He tells her that Clay has been behind the home invasions and running Jax off the rode. Jax tells her that she will get proof from Clay if she wants back in. He wants her to be with Clay, sleep with him, and make him feel like a king to get the dirty secrets flowing. If not, she’s cut out for good.

Do you think Juice will end up giving Jax the proof he needs on Clay?

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October 31, 2012

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Recap: Ablation

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