Sons of Anarchy Season 5 has kept us on our toes. The awesomeness continues into Episode 9: Andare Pescare as Jax gets closer to knowing the truth.

“I See You Gemma”

Okay, I’m starting to feel bad for Gemma, and I don’t want to. She seems to have a real passion for Nero and of course things are going to get in the way of that happiness. Gemma hesitantly goes to meet Nero’s son, seems like the next step in the “seeing each other” relationship for them. That’s what makes it hard to watch her agree to Jax’s offer in the end. She has screwed up, yes, but I can understand her not wanting to go back to Clay to get the truth to come out. I really hope Jax holds up his end of the bargain and lets her be a part of the kids lives after this.

“I’m Married to a Felon”

Tara takes another trip to see Otto. Until now she had no ties to the club on paper, but with Abel in the hospital, her insurance is updated to married, to cover his stay. That being done ties her to a felony and her chances of getting into the prison to see him could be coming to an end soon. During this visit, Otto is restrained, apparently he likes sticking things in peoples ears. Tara brings along a secret weapon, Luann’s perfume. I thought for sure he was going to bite her wrist when he asked to smell it. In the end it leaves him in tears and broken but Tara thinks she got through to him about recanting his Rico story.

“I’m Tired of Burning Friends”

I’m really starting to love Bobby this season. He’s known Clay long enough to know that he is in on the Nomad attacks, I don’t think he wants it to be true though. He does have Jax’s back and he makes one heck of a VP. I’m interested to see his reaction to Clay when the whole truth finally comes out.

“Frankie Diamonds Meets Mr. Mayhem”

The club heads to Tahoo after voting to find Frankie and strip him of his patch. Jax is very clear that he wants to question Frankie about the attacks before killing him. A stop by the Nomad’s Bar to get information from Leo turns into a full on bar brawl but the club gets what they want. Clay and Juice get to Frankie first and gun fire begins and Clay sends the van into the house causing an explosion. Jax shows up and Frankie is still alive with Clay’s gun pointed at him. Just as Jax is telling Clay to drop his gun, Leo comes in and kills Frankie. Juice heard the truth so hopefully he talks soon. Remember what Eli wanted though? He wants a piece of one of the Nomad’s that kills his wife in exchange for the rat at the club table. He doesn’t technically gets what he wants, with Frankie being dead and all, but Jax already knew who the rat was.

This episode left us hanging with Jax following Juice. What do you think he will do when he gets him?

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November 7, 2012

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Recap: Andare Pescare

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