Sons of Anarchy Season 5, Episode 10: Crucifixed gave us 90 minutes of a roller coaster ride. It started off slow and boring, but by the 45 minute mark we were once again adding names to the death list for this season.

“Let him hang himself”

Eli brings Juice in and lets him know that Jax is on to him being the rat in the club. Meanwhile, Chibs fills Jax in on the leverage that Eli has on Juice. They decide to wait and bring Juice in front of the club after stuff dies down but Juice shows up at Jax’s house to put it all out in the open. I was shocked that Jax offered him a pardon of sorts, but I like Juice so I’m glad he isn’t going anywhere right now. Juice should be thankful that Jax wants to take Clay down so bad.

“I’ve always been there. I always will.”

The Prospects follow Hightower, one of the guys that killed Opie in county, as he is released. Jax and the boys go to take him out and learn that he hired the Grim Bastards to protect him. It turns into a mini gun battle and Hightower got away. Jax agrees to find Hightower, beat him, and let him go if he turns over the names of the other guys involved in Opie’s death. Later on, Jax meets with Pope and he tells him where to find Hightower. When they get to him, Jax goes back on his word and Chibs kills Hightower. Ruining a 20 year relationship with the Grim Bastards and Bobby is pretty upset as well. Jax isn’t usually the type to go back on his word, I get it, it was for Opie, but I guess at least he still has Chibs in his corner.

Clay meets with the Mexican Cartel to line up protection. He knows if the Rico Case disappears, so does he. Problem is, they would rather kill Jax to put Clay back in the chair and keep the guns funneling in. Clay then heads home and has a little chat with Juice, asking him to watch his back. He’s watching it all right. To get the information he needs to save himself. Gemma then shows up with some groceries and tells Clay they should go home, which they do.

“Sons live. Redwood Dies”

Tara heads back to the prison to see Otto. He agrees to make his part of the Rico Case go away but he wants something in return. A crucifix he gave Louann that she promised to hold onto for him until he got out. Tara brings him the crucifix and the next thing we know Otto has killed the nurse and is being hauled away while Tara screams in shock. In the end Otto did what they wanted and hurt Jax at the same time. By making Tara an accessory to murder.

Do you think Jax can keep Tara clean of the murder?


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November 14, 2012

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Recap: Crucifixed

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  1. Delaney

    November 14th, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    There were a lot of rumors floating around online about this possibly being Juice’s last episode and I was hoping it wasn’t true. We’ve already had so many deaths this season that I was hoping this well-liked character would stick around. You just never know with SOA so I’ve got my Hopper from DISH recording the show each week. It’s four times more recording space than all the other DVRs out there which means I don’t have to rush to watch everything I’ve recorded. I had a feeling that the deal with Tara and Otto wouldn’t end well. He feels cheated by the MC and wants a way to get back at them for everything they’ve done to him over the years. Bringing in the crucifix was a bad idea and honestly Tara and Gemma should have known better. Now she could possibly be an accessory to murder and Tara’s hopes of moving on from Charming are done. My DISH co-worker says that Tara has been acting very strange since the incident in the prison hospital. I’m not sure if the stress is getting to her or if she’s still getting high.