Sons of Anarchy Episode 11: To Thine Own Self gave us another 90 minutes packed with action and answers.  Another gruesome scene greets us as Otto gets beaten in his cell by a “citizen” (Donal Logue) who later meets him in a visitor room to tell him the next few weeks will be the most excruciating of his life. Sounds like this could get Otto grounded for life. 😉

Tara wants to get out of Charming and I don’t blame her. She accepted the job in Providence but getting Jax on board, really on board, is going to be the hard part. Or will she even let him come with her and the boys? The last time we see Tara this episode, she is being followed by the “citizen”.

I didn’t see anything good coming from Jax selling guns to Nero’s old crew. Nero knew it too but Jax listens to no one at this point. When the exchange goes down the the only exchanging is of gunfire.The old crew shows up with several car loads of crew members, against  Jax, Tig, Chibbs, and Bobby. Jax showed his crazy side as takes the car down a cliff after a merry go round of bullets.

Clay meets with the Cartel and FBI Agent after finding out about Otto and the Rico Case. They give him two hours to convince Jax to keep the guns and cocaine intact or step down from the table. Clay asks for more time, which they agree, but then put in a call anyway. Romeo has Jax kidnapped Cartel Style to show him how easy it is to make him disappear. He wasn’t expecting Jax to tell him that he had set up new connections for the cocaine and guns. They cut Jax loose and he heads to tell the Club the news. They all vote in favor of handing the guns over to the Chinese and the drugs over to the Mexicans.

While all that was going down, Nero killed 3 of his old crew thinking they were involved in Jax’s kidnapping. He later shows up at Gemma’s acting all crazy but with Clay there Gemma couldn’t comfort him like she wanted too. Meanwhile, the Club is at Clay’s place hoping to get the documents but Clay was on to them and already moved them. Jax tells Bobby all the things Clay has done and takes off, while Bobby heads to Clay’s house to keep him alive. Who’s side is he on now?

What is up with the “citizen”??

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November 21, 2012

Sons of Anarchy Season 5: To Thine Own Self

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