Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Episode: Darthy starts off at the table as Clay tells the club about his involvement in the home invasions, among other things. He says he did it because he didn’t think Jax was ready to hold the gavel. Yeah, right. The club votes to remove his patch but not for him to meet Mr. Mayhem, thanks to Bobby. That didn’t stop Jax from giving Clay a going away beat down.

“You can’t sit in this chair without being a savage”

 Jax meets with Pope to fill him on Clay and get some advice about the situation. Now that Clay is out, Pope wants Tigg and Jax promises to deliver him tomorrow. This doesn’t seem to phase Jax as he only sees him as Clay’s right hand man.

The club meets with Gaylin and the Irish to finish a gun deal. As Gaylin is learning about Clay being out of the club, Romeo and Luis show up demanding the guns. After a shoot out, Romeo gets the guns and tells Jax they are even now. The Irish isn’t happy about this and they kidnap Wendy, Jax’s ex and will kill her if they don’t get the guns or $475K. Nero has the money and him and Jax shake on another partnership to pay off the Irish. Tigg and Clay deliver the cash to Gaylin and Clay tells him that Jax wants the Irish era to end. The interesting thing was Clay telling him that his going to put together an independent crew and keep things running state side by picking up the gun slack from the club.

We find out who “citizen” is. He is Pamela’s brother, the nurse that Otto killed, and a retired US Marshall. He shows up in Tara’s office and starts questioning her about Otto’s attack on his sister. His behavior is creepy and he is definitely up to something with Tara as well as Otto. The amount of guns and pills in his hotel say something is brewing.

This episode ends with Jax shooting drugs into Wendy and warning her never to threaten his family. I totally get why he did it but that is something Clay would do I wasn’t a fan of him doing it.

Dave Navarro guest stars on this episode as one of Nero’s old buddies. Do you think we will see him again?

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November 28, 2012

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Recap: Darthy

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