As the 2012 holiday season approaches, fashionistas may want to consider updating their hairstyle from the tousled waves rocked on the beach to sleeker, more sophisticated looks that can be paired with your holiday party attire. Johnathan Breitung, owner of the Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa explains the following hot hair trends for this holiday season.

 1. Ultra Glossy Chignon

To get this sleek and stylish look start with blow-drying hair away from the face while using a texturizing spray. Once hair is dried, brush into a high ponytail forming a large loop. Tease hair at the elastic band and finish by pinning the sides and bottom of the loop your head creating a large bun.






  2. Poufy Bun

To get this elegant yet quick and easy do focus on having a less is more attitude. Start by teasing hair at the scalp and then pull back to form a simple bun. Once the bun has been secured it is time to finish off the style with a simple headband. Sticking with a simple color, like black or brown, is the best choice so it does not distract from the stylish do.









  3. Old Hollywood Glamour

Achieve this look either with a low up-do, or wear  hair down and do loose, full waves, do a drastic side part for both looks. To create the low up-do, after blow drying hair fully, use a one inch curling iron to achieve full waves. Once the curling is finished pin up your hair at the bottom of your hairline to complete this never failing look.










4. Super Sleek

Straight hair is always in style. The beauty with styling a straight hair look is that it can be achieved with or without bangs. Blow dry hair with a round brush and part either down the middle or on the side. Finish the look by applying a smoothing product to look sleek and stylish!






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November 29, 2012

Holiday Hair Styles

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