The finale of Sons of Anarchy Season 5 has arrived. This season was one of the best so far but it seemed to go by rather quickly. Right away, Jax meets up with Pope. Jax wants housing for Opie’s family and a percentage of the Charming Heights income for handing over Tigg. Later on, Jax takes Tigg along and pulls a gun on him just as Pope and his men show up to finish the job. Pope hands over the paperwork Jax wants and they take Tigg into the garage to kill him. As I was wondering if they were actually going to kill Tigg off, Jax gets out a gun and kills all of Pope’s men, then tosses Tigg a gun, Clay’s gun, and has him kill Pope. Jax plants the gun and calls the station to have the Sheriff find the body and the gun. The Sheriff shows up at Clay’s, cuffs him, and takes him to jail after Gemma denies being his alibi and Juice doesn’t speak up either.

Tara’s arm has no permanent damage and she should be back to operating in 6 months. Right after she learns the news, Wendy shows up and fills her in on Jax shooting her up with an 8-ball to threaten away from his family. She urges Tara to get out of Charming. now, and Tara tells her she is setting it up. Gemma confronts Tara about the Oregon job. She tells Tara that if she takes one step out of Charming she will send her to prison by giving a statement that she gave Tara the cross Otto used. Tara lets Gemma know that she is leaving Charming, with the boys, and she can  do what she needs to do.

The Club shows up at an underground dog fighting operation looking for Dante. That was a scene I wasn’t prepared for, I will leave it at that. They find Dante and a gun fight begins. Nero shows up as back up and they trap Dante in a car as he gets attacked by a pit bull inside and they make off with his money.

When it’s time for Otto to give his statement he bites off his own tongue and throws it at the two way mirror. He knew Donal Logue’s character was sitting behind the mirror but what kind of crazy person does that?! Otto.  It doesn’t matter for Tara though, the Sheriff shows up at the end of the episode and arrests her for conspiracy to murder.

What do you think Bobby’s next move is after placing his VP Patch on the table and walking out?

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December 5, 2012

Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Finale

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  1. Naomi

    December 6th, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    I love this show, although this episode was such a trainwreck!