The holiday season was in full swing last Saturday at Manhattan’s Yotel in New York City. Bloggers and their families weathered the cold rainy day and came out to have a little fun at The Big Toy Book’s “The Biggest Day of Holiday Play” event. The party hosted by ToyInsiderMom Laurie Schacht had something for everyone, like Just Play Toys’ Minnie’s Kitchen for the littliest toy lover to the biggest kids, Mom and Dad who couldn’t resist getting in on the action and shooting a Hasbro’s Koosh ball launcher.

The Blogger Connection and helped transform three of the Yotel’s main rooms, The Club Lounge and Cabins, Mission Control Lounge and the Club Terrace into an indoor holiday playland filled with this year’s hottest toys.

The Big Toy Book Holiday Party, Yotel NYC
Photo courtesy Debbie Mitchell (The Blogger Connection)

Kids and parents had a chance to play with the latest toys and gadgets. I actually met a few ladies there who didn’t have kids but admitted they always loved toys. Now they find time to play with toys when visiting their nieces and nephews.

Parents also had a chance to introduce their kids to a few of their favorite childhood toys. Parents do you remember playing with Spirograph and Slinky? Well they’re baaacck and better than ever. When I was a kid I was a big fan of Slinky. The toy, the Slinky theme song and the commercial with Slinky “walking” down a flight of stairs. LOL!! Well I have to say Slinky looks pretty darn good for her age. Now that’s a toy I would buy right now, just for old times sake.

Close to 20 sponsors, including Delta’s Children’s Products, Flyline, Boogie Board LCD eWriters and Cra-Z-Art’s Lite Brix Building System were on hand and ready to share information about what makes their toys a hit with everyone.

“Looking for that perfect child’s toy or gift can be a very trying experience,” said Laurie Schacht, a.k.a the Toyinsidermom. “This event is the most fun way for families to find the best options because they can touch and play with the toys, and get reactions from the most important source of all, their own kids.”

While the day was meant to be filled with fun it was also an opportunity for anyone attending to give back. Bloggers who donated $10 to the holiday showcase helped to support K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distressed Situations). The Big Toy Book matched attendees’ donations up to $2,500 and for every $10 donated, the attendee was entered to win prizes that they could then donate to a family affected by hurricane Sandy.

I had the chance to talk to one family at the event who was affected by hurricane Sandy. The family of three boys and a girl lost their home of 16 years in hurricane Sandy and is now living in a one bedroom apartment. They are thankful to be alive, but lost everything and like so many others are trying to work thru the legal red tape and confusion of post Sandy. The afternoon was a way for them to forget, if only for a few hours, all the troubles of the last few weeks.

“Laughter and play is a great way to move forward from the devastation of hurricane Sandy,” said Laurie. “For those kids attending the event, and for those who will benefit from the donations, the toys will help provide a fun respite to put the hurricane behind them and be a kid again, even if it’s just for a few hours.”

When the kids were finished posing with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck or performing with their WOW Stuff singalonz, they found time to eat a tasty lunch of hamburger sliders, mac and cheese, mini grilled sandwiches and french fries. A warm cup of hot chocolate greeted everyone as they entered the party. Once they settled in mom and dad could relax with a warm hot tottie in the Club Terrace as their kids watched magician Ryan Oakes perform a few tricks for a captivated crowd.
The magic of the day didn’t just come from this magician’s hands. It came from everybody who was there. For one afternoon we were all kids again. Thanks to the sponsors, who donated much of their products after the event, and the guests who came out to play and give back for this holiday season.
Happy Holidays!






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December 12, 2012

Bring On The Toys! The Biggest Day of Holiday Play Made Us Feel Like Kids Again #TBTBholiday

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