Picking up where we left off last week, Turn Your Garage Into A Workshop – Walls, Heat, and Cabinets, I have painted the walls and ceiling and installed a few cabinets. The floor has a few stains on it and is bare concrete. Now it is time to decide what to do with the floor or do I leave it the way it is (after all it’s just a workshop). After careful consideration about what I would use my workshop for I decided to refinish the floor. Now there are plenty of products that you can use, everything from flooring covers to paint. The problem is how to make it look professional with my budget. I decided to use an epoxy kit made by Rust-Oleum and designed to accommodate a 2 ½ car garage (about $100). The kit contained a two part epoxy, concrete etching solution and colored paint flakes to add to it if you choose.

In my case I couldn’t remove everything from the garage to make this an easy process, so I packed everything on one side of the garage (good thing the kit comes in multiple parts). First I swept and vacuumed the floor. Next I pulled the water hose in and wet the entire floor then added some Greased Lightning Degreaser. Now comes the fun part, scrubbing the floor to remove any stains. I recommend outsourcing this job to your closest teenager! (Just kidding) So now rinse the floor, squeegee the excess water and wait for it to dry.

The floor dried completely overnight. The next morning I mixed the two part epoxy which takes about 30 minutes to be ready for application. I started painting a 5ft x 5ft section of the floor then applied the paint flakes (this was the best part). All you have to do is spread the paint flakes on top of the epoxy (you really just throw them)! After I completed half of the garage a few days later I did the other side of the garage. The floor came out great and the epoxy gave it a nice semi-gloss shine. The paint flakes really set it off too. I couldn’t be happier with how it came out. Not to mention the epoxy makes it very easy to clean up nearly anything that you spill on the floor. See the picture below. Now I am ready to build some work benches!

Garage Floor (2)

Garage Floor (3)

Come back next week to see my benches!


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January 29, 2013

Turn Your Garage Into A Workshop Part 2

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