Keeping kids busy in the summer is all that stands between a nice, calm mother and one who has locked herself in the bathroom to escape. I love my kids and I love spending time with them.  Sometimes, in the summer, I would love to have just a few minutes to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee while they entertain themselves in a way that doesn’t destroy the house.  It’s one of the challenges of parenting. There are many different ways of keeping kids busy in the summer. The ones that work for you will depend on your child’s age and interests. Don’t skip over some of these ideas simply because your child has never expressed an interest.  Encouraging kids to try new things can open a whole new world for them.

Keeping kids busy

Keeping Kids Busy In The Summer

  • Check out free classes and camps in your community. We don’t have a lot of extra money to send the kids to paid camps, but several of our local organizations offer free or extremely low cost camps and classes for children.
  • Go swimming. On a hot day, nothing is better than a dip in the creek or pool.  Our local pool is open one day a week for free to the community.  Other times, we head to a local lake or walk down the street for a dip in the creek.  Depending on the age of your child, you may need to supervise this one.
  • Geocaching.  I’ve gone geocaching with my teens several times.  Not only do they get exercise, they get a bit of adventure while hunting for the location.
  • Cooking with kids.  While you may not necessarily enjoy making dinner every night, chances are your child would love to help you.
  • Send them outside.  When I was little, I spent hours outside enjoying nature. I think that kids today have forgotten how to do that. Send them outside with a plastic bottle with a cap to catch bugs. Just make sure they let them go after they look at them.
  • Gardening. Teach them to enjoy nature and you’ll even get a little bit of help picking the green beans this summer.
  • Arts and Crafts.  Many children love to create arts and crafts projects.  Encourage their creativity and keep them busy at the same time.

Arts and crafts projects don’t have to be expensive.  While you can head to the craft store and purchase a kit, there are a number of crafts you can do with your child using materials that you probably already have laying around the house.  Even a  young child can string large wooden beads on a shoelace.  Older children will be able to use many different types of craft supplies.  Here are just a few projects you can try with your child.  Keeping kids busy shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money.

How will you be keeping kids busy this summer?

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June 2, 2013

Keeping Kids Busy In The Summer

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  1. diane

    June 2nd, 2013 at 8:50 am

    These are all great ideas! Mine are way too plugged in already and need to get out of the house!

  2. Candy @Candypolooza

    June 2nd, 2013 at 10:24 am

    Great ideas! I shared on Twitter 😉