I love to craft, particularly that it utilizes recycled materials. How fast your family use a roll of toilet paper? Do you notice that the roll of paper is getting thinner? End up I have a lot of toilet paper rolls at home. I collect them and plan to make some crafts. Recently, I saw a picture in Facebook and it is a scarf hanger using a thick adhesive tape roll. I borrow the idea and create a very useful “tool” for my daughter. As I mentioned before, my sweetie pie is a very girly girl (just like her mom, me, haha and that’s why my blog is named GirlyCreation!!!) She has long hair and she loves all beautiful stuff that a typical girly girl would like. My sister-in-law gave her a set of DIY hair accessories as Christmas gift last year. She has a lot of headbands and hair-clips at home. We used to put them in a box and keep some in a container plus some in a closet. This recycling idea would help help her to keep her accessories neat and it is also a good way to decorate her room.



1 toilet paper roll

3/8″ wide ribbons of 2 different colors of your choices (one color for flower petals and one for flower center), quite a bit!

Some Chinese knotting threads

Double side adhesive tape

Scissors, pencil and ruler

Glue gun & hot glue (optional)


Step by step instructions:

1) Use pencil and ruler to make some marks on a toilet paper roll, 1/2″ each in width.


2) Use a pair of scissors to cut out paper rings of 1/2″ in width from the toilet paper roll.headband4


3) Put some adhesive tape on top of the paper rings and wrap a stripe of ribbon around each of the rings. We need only 7 of them.


4) Arranged the wrapped paper rings in a pattern of one in the middle as the center of a flower and six in the outer as the petals of the flower.



5) There are 2  ways to attach the petals to the flower center. First one is to use some Chinese knotting threads to tie each of the petals to the center at one side (which is the back of the flower).



6) The second way is to use the glue gun to apply some hot glue on the petals and attach each on the center. Use some filing clips or hair clips to fix the positions.


7) Lastly but not the least, use a piece of Chinese knotting thread to hang the “flower” on the wall or on the knob of the door.

Hang my sweetie pie’s headbands and hair-clips on it. These are only 1/4 of my girl’s collections. She definitely needs more of this flower headbands/hairclips holder in her room.





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June 30, 2013

Recycled Headbands/Hairclips Holder – #TBCcrafters

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