Summertime and family travel go hand in hand, but with an unstable economy a family vacation this summer be not be attainable for your family. The following are great ways to give your family those summer memories while tightening the purse strings.

Family Travel for Less

Family Travel for Less

1. Give the Gift of Travel
Many families use gift giving holidays to plan for upcoming summer plans. When Grandparents or Aunts/Uncles are inquiring about potential gifts for your children, suggest attraction tickets or family memberships to local zoos, aquariums, museums and other kid friendly locations. This keeps the kids busy during your upcoming staycation/vacation and also create new memories that won’t get lost in the toy box like some gifts do.

2. Visit Social Discount Websites
Groupon, Living Social and other discount sites offer great saving all year to many travel destinations. You are not limited to purchases in your area. I search discount sites throughout the year for discounts to my planned or impromptu weekend getaway. Don’t worry about expiration dates, most discount certificates usually do not expire for quite some time. Many activities like horseback riding, go-cart businesses and show tickets can be found ahead of time & saved for a later date.

3. Plan a Beach Getaway
Spending a few days at the beach is a great cost efficient vacation. Most beaches have picnic shelters & bbq grills that families can utilize to save additional money during your summer vacation. Look for smaller hotels that are not on the main beach road. Beach-side property can be costly and unnecessary if you are bringing your own vehicle.

4.Travel with a Buddy
Many families travel with other families in order to save on a family vacation. Ask another family member or very close friend if they would be interested in sharing the cost of a potential family trip. My family has done this on more than one occasion. A close friend and I would pack the kids mid-week, while our husbands worked in order to save our family money.

5. Explore the Outdoors
Camping with your family is extremely cost efficient, especially for a large family. Whether you plan on reserving a small cabin or bringing a large family tent, you can enjoy a memorable family vacation at a fraction of the cost. Most campgrounds, especially State Parks, are extremely well maintained and full of amenities. Playgrounds, outdoor pools, hiking trails & more will keep your family entertained at an affordable cost to you. Tip: Bring bikes if possible!

Do you have any tips for family travel for less?

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July 23, 2013

Family Travel for Less

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  1. Rose Powell

    July 23rd, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    Thanks for the helpful tips Maria, as a mom of 4 kids, being able to get great deals on travel is challenging. We do our best to get the most for our money! Groupon has afforded us some great deals on mini-vacations!