Most animal (dog) lovers look at their four legged friends as more than a “pet”.. they are family.. and in most instances another child. In our home, I’m known as the “food nut” because I believe you truly are what you eat. Therefore my toddler only drinks organic milk (or water), eats organic veggies, doesn’t know what a Happy Meal is, and picks broccoli over potato chips. Now I’m not saying he’ll NEVER have a Happy Meal and will ONLY eat organic food, but for now I try to do as much organic as possible and develop his taste buds to WANT fruits and veggies over junk. As you can imagine our pup is our second child and I feel just as strongly about his food (thats right Bettis, no Happy Meals). With so many dog food brands out there, its hard to sift through which ones really have your pet’s health in mind. Everyone claims to be “all natural” but unfortunately when you look at the labels, they are filled with sugars and artificial dyes. I had the opportunity to learn more about the SO GOOD food line from Iams.



AK-13-07-30-IAMS0254Celebrity chef Art Smith came to the Big Apple to talk about the apples (and other wholesome ingredients) in IAMS So GOOD dog food. So what is SO GOOD about this food? The nutrition includes:


  • IRRESISTIBLE CHICKEN FLAVOR – bowl licked clean, satisfaction guaranteed!*
  • VEGGIES & FRUIT with natural fiber for a healthy tummy.
  • PROTEIN-PACKED CHICKEN for a strong, healthy body.
  • CRUNCHY KIBBLES to keep his smile bright.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR, DYES, OR ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES, so it keeps your dog’s mouth happy and his body healthy.


Do you know if you’re feeding your animals sugars, dyes, and artificial preservatives? Find out whats in your bowl HERE.


We were able to hear first hand about IAMS So Good, and also met the Chef’s adorable French Bulldog, Cochon. As an animal lover, Chef Art Smith not only promotes the new line but talked about the success for helping HIS dogs to lose weight (along with exercise). My four month Olde English Bulldog would have been a little TOO excited at the event, but ALL of the dogs that came to support IAMS were SO GOOD (adorable AND well behaved). The best treat was getting to see Pawl Griffin! He of course was there promoting IAMS SO Good and mingling with his fellow four legged friends (and humans). We’re super excited to start our pup on the SO GOOD line once he’s ready to graduate from his puppy line.



*This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/IAMS.

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August 2, 2013

Iams #SoGood Event

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