At the beginning of this century the way we accessed entertainment began to shift. I remember the first time I heard of Napster along with many other file sharing sites that allowed people to listen to music without driving to the store & purchasing the CD (although it was illegal, who knew!). The first time someone burnt a CD to play in my car I couldn’t believe that they had all the hottest songs from different artist’s on the same cd! Who would have thought that one day going to the store & buying CD’s or Movies would almost completely disappear! Then the first MP3 players were introduced in turn almost completely killing the CD. It has become a streaming media world & If you are like me you probably have an entire room completely dedicated to old CD’s, DVD’s & video games that you no longer use. Many of us spent thousands of dollars on these & now they are obsolete, bulky & down right “uncool”! With the inception of Netflix, itunes & so many other ways to buy from your living room & download anything you want there is no longer any need to have a hard copy of your favorite album. What can you do with the ones you already have? You can use the CD’s as coasters or how about to keep animals away from your tomato plants in the garden. However it is quite a shame to simply throw away all the money that you invested, so why not sell them? I know what your thinking, no one wants this stuff & you’ll never find someone to buy it all. Well I have good news! You can sell it all online just by clicking HERE! All you have to do is enter all the digits from the barcode on your CD, Movie or video game & get an instant value! What have you got to lose? See what your collection of archaic media is worth!


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September 9, 2013

Don’t make rear view mirror decorations with your old CD’s!

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