SOAThe Season Six Premiere of Sons of Anarchy, “Straw” brought a lot of unexpected moments and left me picking my chin up off the floor a couple of times. With the recent announcement that Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller) is playing Christian Grey in the upcoming 50 Shades OF Gray Movie, I’m guessing there were quite a few new viewers for this episode. Which almost makes the amount of racy and awkwardly violent scenes a bit humorous, to me, a devoted SOA fan.

“Do I get off the road, or keep riding?”

This season, we have a lot of mentally effed up club members. I think I may need Xanax just to get through this season with them. Tara’s in prison and don’t you dare take her blanket or she will whoop your ass baseball bat style, with her bare hands. She does look good in orange though and her short hair rounds off the bad girl look she seems to be going for right now. She may not want Jax to see her “this way“, but if he did, he probably wouldn’t have been a cheating man whore at the end of the episode. I don’t blame Tara in anyway, and although I LOVED the full back SOA tattoo and naked butt shot, I hated seeing him cheat. 

Jax back

“My decisions are the ones a father has to make” 

Tig is depressed and handling his daughter’s death is far from what he is doing. There is no one he can kill, or pain he can cause, to heal his own pain. Season Six of Sons looks like it will be taking Tig down a very dark road with lots of wrong turns. Bobby is also distant, lost, and confused. Bobby is a strong asset to the club and usually holds everyone together. Not so much right now. 

Life is falling apart around Jax and his new title of President seems to have changed him in ways he couldn’t even fathom. Everything he has always fought so hard for, his family, is slipping away. All of the members of the club seem separated, mentally from one another, with many of them dealing with their own demons, Tara is locked up, Gemma has the kids more and more. Jax needs to get his shit together and remember what it is he wants, or realize what it is he wanted all along. 


Now…..I am at a loss for words when it comes to what may have been one of the hardest SOA scenes I have ever watched. As that little boy rolled up his sleeves and exposed his cuts….the pain he is suffering on the inside…..and then pulled out the gun and clip from his backpack….. I’m not sure where this storyline is going and I’m not sure it belongs….we will see. I assume the gun was accessible because of Dave Nevarro’s character but nothing has been made clear yet.

If the rest of the season is like the premiere, we are in for lots of sex, drugs, and lies, with a side of gun battles.

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September 11, 2013

Sons Of Anarchy Season Six Premiere Recap

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