Jax backMore bodies were buried, lies told, and another episode ending with Jax’s naked back. Sons of Anarchy Season Six, Episode 2: One One Six was, in one word, weird.

Weird how Nero and Gemma reacted to Arcadio’s (Dave Navarro) information about the shooting. This episode didn’t focus on the school shooting persay, but more on the gun itself. And where it came from. Which ends up leaving Arcadio dead and the mother of the shooter dead as well. Juice has become the dirty deeds doer since he screwed up last season, and that is going to end up ruining him.

Weird how Jax and Tara greeted each other when she left prison. Even more weird was their intimate scene to close out the episode. Neither one wanted to be there at that moment, making it hard to watch, especially knowing that Tara is filing for divorce. I figured she would run off with the boys before she did that.


Weird watching Gemma and Clay’s visit behind prison walls. Really though, is Clay that worried about being out with the rest of the prison population? You could feel a bit pain in Clay when the last bell rang, and there had still been no visit from Jax. I really don’t like Donal Loge’s character, Lee. He’s like the egotistical, creepy naked dancing guy you stay away from when you go out to the bar. Yeah, his sister was murdered, but could he seek his revenge in a less “I’m Better Than You” way?

Jax reminded me of Clay as he made is exit from the cabin. Heading home to see “the wife” and kissing Juice on the cheek. Eerie resemblance that I’m not sure I liked.

Do you think Tara will actually file for divorce?

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September 18, 2013

Sons of Anarchy Season 6: Episode 2 Recap

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